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It saddens me to denounce Glenn Beck as I was at one time an ardent admirer of Beck’s. In 2008 my husband and I drove across the country to stand with Beck in San Antonio, Texas at one of the first Tea Party rallies. We also attended Beck’s 9-12 Project at the Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall in Washington D.C. in 2010. Glenn was one of the first and loudest voices to take a bold stand against Barack Obama’s Marxist agenda and progressivism.

When Beck moved to Fox News and had his own hour long five o’clock program, he was delightfully informative and entertaining. His humor brought comic relief to a very tense situation within the country. I will always appreciate his quick wit and his very effective presentations of history and political theory. He truly was a bright light during a dark time.

But people change, and Glenn Beck made a drastic change. He changed his hairstyle. He became fashionable. He became more serious-minded and less playful on his television and radio programs. He quit crying on air. His physical appearance and his jocular personality made a complete transition. I’m not suggesting that these changes were all negative. However, they were symbolic of the ideological changes that Beck was also incurring.

After Beck left Fox News, investigative journalist, Douglas Hagman, reported that Fox was being pressured by George Soros to get rid of Beck. Beck was routinely bashing Soros and referring to him as the “PuppetMaster.” Hagman also divulged that Beck and his staff members were being threatened by Soros. Was Hagman correct? I don’t know, but ten years ago, Bill O’Reilly spoke harshly and often about George Soros and secular progressivism. O’Reilly was the first television host to expose George Soros and his agenda. Oddly and abruptly, Bill O’Reilly’s revelations about Soros came to a halt. To my knowledge, and I watched O’Reilly nightly for years following his exposure of Soros, O’Reilly never mentioned the globalist billionaire again. I always suspected that O’Reilly was threatened or that Fox had put a clamp on the subject of Soros.

Determined to build his own media empire, Glenn Beck left Fox News and began his journey establishing the online publication, The Blaze Radio, and his cable news network The Blaze TV. He was an overnight success both online and on air. Slowly but steady he negotiated contracts with several cable carriers. Glenn Beck seemed destined for media greatness.

Beck was working long hours, writing books, doing his three hour radio show five days a week, prepping for his Monday thru Friday hour long television show, planning projects, travelling the country with Bill O’Reilly doing live shows, researching historical dignitaries, and studying the latest in technology. At one point he admitted to his audience that he had been suffering from a strange illness which had affected his brain.

It would be safe to say that Beck was a candidate for mental and physical exhaustion. But as an alcoholic, who frequently discussed his problem with addiction, Glenn was driven for success. He had many grand ideas. He wanted to build hospitals and reinvent the healthcare industry. He wanted to be on the cutting edge of every new technological advancement. He wanted to start making movies. Glenn even wanted to build an amusement park. Glenn Beck’s hands were in every pot.

In 2014 there were big signs that Beck’s media empire was crumbling. There were reports that he was becoming obsessed with rebranding his image from a newsman to an entertainment figure. Evidence of that allegation was easily observed on his television program as his format completely changed from an informative venue to a sit-down style of down home variety hour. He was more interested in having ideological discussions with atheist Penn Jillette, historian David Barton, or Rabbi Daniel Lapin among others.

One of Beck’s most loyal and trusted advisors, Christopher Balfe, was fired by Beck after years of personal friendship. Balfe was so close to Beck that he spoke at Beck’s wedding. Beck filed a lawsuit against Balfe as well as firing him. Balfe countersued, and in his lawsuit he provided detailed information of Beck’s personal involvement in the devastating collapse of his empire and Mercury Arts Radio of which Balfe was CEO and had spent his entire career building.

According to Balfe, Beck became obsessed with Walt Disney and even had the name ‘Walt’ painted over his door. I specifically remember the time a few years back when Beck was enamored with Walt Disney and spent many hours praising both Walt and his brother Roy Disney. Beck dedicated several shows to the Disneys and his appreciation of Walt’s creative genius.

Balfe also alleges that Beck began exhibiting erratic behavior and became paranoid. I personally witnessed bizarre behavior by Glenn at the Stop Iran Nuclear Rally at the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. in September of 2015. There were approximately thirty speakers, and each speaker was limited to ten minutes. Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Mark Levin, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and many other notable conservative celebrities spoke at the rally. When each speaker reached the ten minute limit, music began playing very softly as a cue to the speaker to tie it up. Beck spoke towards the end of the event. He was agitated, and became belligerent when the music began playing. He stopped, turned and looked at the event’s organizer and said, “You invited me to speak. Now, if you want me to speak I will, but you need to stop that damn music.” The music stopped, and Glenn Beck spoke longer than any other speaker because of his indignation that he not be allowed to speak as long as he wanted. It was obvious by the look of the event planner that she did not want a commotion.

His outburst and attitude were unexpected and quite telling. Glenn obviously believed that what he had to say was more important than what the others had to say. The following day I listened to his radio program to find that my assumption was correct as Beck complained about the rally and shockingly said that no one at the rally besides himself had any noteworthy thing to say. He also said that Sarah Palin was a joke. He blatantly lied and said that the crowd booed Donald Trump, which was untrue. I was flabbergasted. I was there. I knew this to be a falsehood. Or did Glenn, in his mind, really believe what he was saying?……………to be continued

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