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When you make so many enemies or adversaries that you cannot reestablish the ties that bond you, it’s often referred to as ‘burning your bridges.’ And I am pretty sure that Glenn Beck has burned most of his bridges and cannot return home, that home being the conservative wing of the Republican Party. Conservative Republicans made Glenn Beck who he is today. It was the dedication of the conservatives who contributed to Glenn Beck’s rise and success.

At one point I believe that Beck acknowledged and appreciated his conservative followers. He respected his audience. But about the time that Donald Trump filed for the 2016 presidential race, Glenn Beck began insulting many of his listeners. Beck was adamantly opposed to Trump, and his daily radio show became a vehicle to fight the Trump Train. He spent hours upon hours ridiculing Trump and those Americans who supported Trump. On one occasion he compared Trump followers to Brown Shirts. He would invite Trump followers to call in his radio show to explain their support of Trump, and then he would rudely cut them off at the knees. Or he and his cohorts, Pat and Stu, would openly mock the caller. It was a side of Beck that I had never seen.

Gradually, Beck began exhibiting subtle hints of disrespect for his listeners. He devoted his radio broadcast to the defeat of Trump. So, we can only imagine how devastated he was on election night of November 2016 when it became apparent that Donald Trump was victorious in his race against Hillary Clinton. He knew that after predicting time after time that Trump was going to be defeated handily by Hillary Clinton, he had lost some credibility. His radio and television audiences were dropping sharply.

So, with a Trump presidency and conservative listeners, Glenn should understand that his focus against Trump will drive his numbers down even lower. He cannot make his show about destroying the only hope that Conservatives have to restore reasoned thinking, unless he appeals to a more moderate to liberal audience. Because as turned off by Trump as many Republicans and Conservatives are, they are still vociferously opposed to anyone and anything Democrat or progressive. Like Trump or not, the political enemies of the overwhelming majority of Conservatives are liberalism, progressivism, Democrats, and socialism.

So, Glenn Beck, who has already been softening towards the Liberals, is between a rock and a hard place if he wants to keep his conservative audience. He has the opportunity to tolerate Trump and appearing to being fair-minded, or he can continue with his message that Trump is the devil. And from his recent actions of making an apology tour to liberal talk shows to fall upon his knees and beg for mercy it would appear that he has decided that he will not give Trump the chance to prove or disprove himself.

Beck’s media empire has been falling since early in 2014. He has fired or released forty of his most talented employees. Many of his trusted and loyal staffers have quit. Blame for Beck’s collapsing business is being touted as his erratic behavior, over-spending, paranoia, and a lack of focus on his company.

So, what does Beck do to medicate and resuscitate his ailing corporation? He shifts his target audience from the conservative crowd to a moderate or liberal-sympathetic crowd. He ignores the faithful fans who helped him build his empire and begins courting the audiences of far left television hosts like Samantha “I’m a foul mouth” Bee. The definition of absurdity is for Beck to believe for even one second that these liberals will consider him to be anything but a kook, even with his tail-between-his-legs apology.

What is motivating Glenn to seek out this approval from the Left? There are several possibilities. 1)It is possible that the illness that Beck experienced, in which he voluntarily admitted had affected his brain, has also affected his cognitive functioning. 2) He may have succumbed to the self-aggrandizing egotism which accompanies celebrity. And he does behave as though he has an all-knowing, almost god-like knowledge of all things. 3)He has no where else to go since he alienated so many in his conservative audience with his trash talk of Donald Trump. He has lost his home in the conservative base, and he is not comfortable with conservatives any longer. He is searching for new followers. 4) He has been financially propped up by a left-wing source with the understanding that he shifts directions in his political persuasion. In other words, he sold out.

Glenn Beck has a decision to make. He either gets his wits about him, apologizes to his audience for momentarily losing his mind, and shifts right. Or he self destructs. And honestly, it is probably too late for him to save himself. The train has left the station.

Whether Donald Trump is going to be a great president or a horrible president is yet to be seen. Beck’s insistence on calling him a dictator when he has not even taken his oath of office is a sign of irrational thinking. Trump may be just that. And he might not be. But there are no reasonable excuses for Glenn Beck to continue bashing the president that Beck’s own listeners elected. His apology tour is only fueling the fires of the heated Left. He is behaving as a spoiled child who didn’t get the toy he wanted for Christmas.

I have a message for Beck supporters. I understand the affection you have for Glenn Beck. He has done some marvelous things for the conservative movement. But he has changed. And if you are honest with yourself you will acknowledge that these changes are not for the best. For whatever reason, Glenn Beck is not the Glenn Beck that won our hearts almost ten years ago.

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  1. I too was a faithful listener of Glenn Beck but not any more. He turned me off with his whining on Trump. I, like you was a Cruz supporter. But, I voted for Trump, because I certainly didn’t want Hillary.
    I’m in sales and travel around Western Ohio. I noticed this week when I turned on 6.10 Columbus, Ohio that Beck was not on doing his normal time slot. A sports talk show was on in its place. 6.10 is one of the biggest stations in this part of the state. I wonder how many more stations around will be removing Beck from their lineup. Merry Christmas!!

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