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In less than a month, President-elect Donald Trump will become President Trump. And I have a few words for conservative NeverTrumpers who are unbending in their determination to carry their disappointment and frustration over the election of Trump throughout his presidency. While I understand your disenchantment with Trump, I cannot sympathize with your unreasonable defiance.

As a Ted Cruz supporter, I was discouraged when the Republican Party nominated Donald Trump. I believed then, and I still believe that Cruz is a statesman with the temperament and wisdom needed to lead this great country back from the edge of the abyss. It was my assessment that Donald Trump was too aggressive, often repugnant, and exceedingly bombastic. And my evaluation of ‘The Donald’ has not changed. There are justifiable concerns in the expectations of a Trump presidency.

But with that said, Donald Trump defeated Ted Cruz before ceremoniously thumping Hillary Clinton. I wholeheartedly supported Trump in his campaign against Clinton. Not only did we have the Supreme Court to consider, but a Clinton presidency would have completed Obama’s complete transformation of America. Clinton had to be beaten, and thank the Lord that she was. My guy, Ted Cruz, lost. And that little fact is called ‘reality.’ I don’t beat dead horses. I move on after setbacks.

Many NeverTrumpers reluctantly bit the bullet and voted for Trump in the general election. Other NeverTrumpers decided to give Trump a shot after he won the presidency. And then there are the NeverTrumpers who will go to their graves despising Donald Trump.

I ask you NeverTrumpers who are so obstinate in your contempt for Trump, “What are you accomplishing with this intense animosity towards Trump?” Donald Trump may be obnoxious, but the man has yet to make policy. Holding onto the extreme hostility that you are directing at Trump is unproductive. You will beget nothing but ulcers.

Disliking Donald Trump is a valid reaction to his often infuriating behavior. I was so angry with his disgraceful attacks on Ted Cruz that I was a NeverTrumper for a few days, but it was nothing more than my symbolic way of protesting Trump. It didn’t take but hearing Hillary Clinton’s shriek in soundbites of her campaign speeches for me to come to my senses.

NeverTrumpers have become so fixated on their hatred for Trump that they are tormenting themselves. A few days ago I wrote a three-piece commentary on the transformation of Glenn Beck. The piece was about Beck’s irrational alliance with the Left for the purpose of stopping Donald Trump. NeverTrumpers on my facebook page became indignant, and rather than defend Beck’s strange association with the far left, they fashioned the discussion to be about their loathing of Trump. The analysis was about Beck’s collaboration with the liberals to stop Trump. I was not questioning his bitterness towards Trump. But the NeverTrumpers could not get past their venomous attitude towards Trump to comprehend the theme of my column.

If NeverTrumpers are sincere in their assertion that they want what is best for this country, would it at least not be judicious to give Trump the courtesy of leading? He may prove to be as oppressive as NeverTrumpers believe he will be, and then again, he may prove to be the powerhouse that this nation needs to rise from the ashes of the Obama presidency. We don’t have to like him to give him a chance.

NeverTrumpers do not have to board the Trump Train to wish his presidency well. I don’t ride the Trump Train. I never get on bandwagons. But I do support Trump with reservations and with the knowledge that he will make decisions that I like and those that I don’t like.

Of one thing I am certain. Conservatives must set the progressives back a hundred years. Now is the time to disarm the globalist movement that has been on steroids since the Era of Obama. Whether Trump is the man who can lead us back to a sane place in history is yet to be seen. Maybe he will, and maybe he won’t. But he is what we’ve got, and I will at least stand by him while he takes his shot. If he misfires, I will make my objections known.

We are in a war with the progressive globalists. Like him or not, Donald Trump is the man of the hour. You fight with the army you have, and Trump is who we have. And that’s as simple as it gets.


  1. I believe we should all pray for Martha H. She is indeed unaware of serious spiritual warfare. She would know thru prayer that this man Trump, an extremely serious business man with success on his mind for one bring Americans hope. We have seen a seriously rough 8 years with lies and squander. This country was founded with In God We Trust. If we are to trust in God then spiritual warfare is not seriously needed against Trump but yes I agree that we need to stay in prayer over this man. He has a sense of humor that only a select few could enjoy without taking him so serious with his off colored humor. He has selected the best of the best for his cabinet, not his friends and supporters. This country has been seriously divided with Obama’s heartfelt distain against out cops, our Christians and basically everything America stands for. His wife, Michelle has only been proud of this country for 8 she has no hope. SERIOUSLY??? Really she has no more expensive vacations and separate Airforce Ones to fly to the same place as her husband, 30 minutes later. Our new president says he has no time for vacations or wasting money. Wow! Isn’t that refreshing! As far as Mr. Trump telling everyone what to do, well, I think that forcing and fining people to buy what Obama tells them they have to buy or else, is rather obnoxious. Since I have prayed to the God that we trust to send us a non politician that refuses lobbyist money that prayers have been answered. God does things HIS way, not ours. Trump would not have been what I expected in many ways but who am I to question what God does. We had to have Obama first to bring us to our knees in order to accept someone so off the beaten path. Martha H. is ignorant to the job in my opinion for it is going to take a serious successful business man to put this country back on track, not a serious politician who look for fame and fortune and gets nothing done but waste our money. Her comments about feeling “superior to us and to run along and play” proves to me that is the same exact thing that Obama has been doing for 8 years. They think very much alike. I don’t think she would truly understand what “serious spiritual warfare” is, so with that said I say :In God We Trust!

  2. I do not require myself to ” like” a God Father actor! I am fully aware of what is going on. I consider it my spiritual job to be very vigilant of his behavior in office. Unless he is tightly controlled he could get himself impeached!
    His person grieves my spirit! That is called discernment. I have the Freedom to state that.
    You decision to tell us that we are wrong is quite arrogant! Do as you wish. I shall do the same. My business is in no way your business. We better have people with eyes wide open battling in prayer to keep him contained!
    He is a very dangerous loose cannon!
    We have the opportunity of a life time to really get our country turned around! DT is so ignorant of the job, he keeps thing it is a CEO position! He is just going to tell everyone what to do! Not!
    So enjoy feeling superior to us and run along and play! There is serious spiritual warfare to attend to!

  3. Great thoughts as always Judy.
    P.S. Don’t waste your time on Beck. Most of us conservatives don’t pay any attention to Beck anymore. That train has left the station.

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