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The Christmas turkey was not even finished when Barack Obama announced to the world that had he been allowed to run for a third term in office, he could have defeated Donald Trump. Hmm. That’s odd. Barack Obama never allowed the law to stop him from his progressive agenda before, so why start now. He defied the border laws and extended an open invitation to illegal immigrants, welcoming them into the country at taxpayers expense. He has funded the Sanctuary Cities which aid and abet lawbreakers who enter the country. Sidestepping the Law of the land, otherwise known as the United States Constitution, has never been an issue for Obama.

In Obama’s world, he is Obama the Magnificent. He is able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. He is more powerful than a locomotive and faster than a speeding bullet. In his own neurotic mind, he is capable of accomplishing what no other man can achieve. So, of course he would believe that he could have beaten Donald Trump.

Barack Obama is so excruciatingly arrogant that he is unaware that Donald Trump won the election because of Obama’s failed and anti-American policies. The American people knew that a Hillary Clinton presidency would be the Obama ‘third term,’ and they wanted nothing to do with it. Americans wanted a return to normalcy, and the Obama presidency has been everything except normal.

For eight long insufferable years, We the People have been held hostage by the Obama administration. Watching helplessly as Obama and his fellow progressives in the Democrat party as well as the Republican Party expanded the bureaucracy and stole our liberties, we thought the torture would never end. Many Americans believed that Obama would find circumstances in which he could manipulate the laws and run for a third term. And if he could have, he would have. There is no doubt in my mind that Barack Obama would have considered himself entitled to another term in office, and he would have seized that third term and fourth term had the progressive agenda in America been about 10 years more advanced than it is presently.

Obama’s delusions of a global society, brought about through a progressive program and ushered in by his magnificent self, have not abated. After increasing the welfare roles by 32%, walking away from four dead Americans in Benghazi, arming Syrian rebels and strengthening ISIS, destroying the coal industry, overseeing and encouraging the murders of dozens of American law enforcers, damaging race relations, making destructive foreign policy, denying Islamic terrorism while Americans are terrorized and killed by Muslim extremists, and helping to transform the American culture into a depraved and amoral atmosphere of sexual deviancy, Obama is still basking in his deranged grandeur.

We have been rescued from Obama, though our release is days away. It didn’t take special forces to stop the insanity. It merely took an election, thanks to the brilliance of our Founders and their supreme knowledge of tyranny and man’s inherent flaws. It was the delusional thinking of the progressives that brought us here. Only deluded people believe that they can defy what history has taught us or proven. Socialism, progressivism, Marxist ideology, social justice, redistribution of wealth, multiculturalism, political correctness, and communism are exceptionally dysfunctional philosophies. They are the elements of a Dystopia, rather than the progressive dream of a Utopia. And they are all and have been Barack Obama’s bread and butter.

In little more than three weeks we may be free of Barack Obama, but we will not be liberated from his delusional progressive world. It is still out there, and we are still living in it. The election of Trump is just the first step in walking back the horrible and devastating wreckage of the Obama presidency. We have yet a gazillion more steps to get home again.

Escape from the Planet of the Delusional Progressives is still light years away!

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  1. Unfortunately, he is probably right. A lot of black, Hispanics and liberals didn’t come out and vote for Mrs Bill but they would have voted for Obama. Probably thinking that the next 4 years would be better. Sad but true.

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