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The election of President-elect Donald Trump gave Americans and the world a glimmer of hope that progressive globalism had just been handed a monumental setback. But we just received word that globalism did more than hit a roadblock. Globalism is on the run, and globalists are panicked. Who says that? Why, no other than Doctor Evil, otherwise known as George Soros, says that.

Hopefully, by now, most conservatives have heard of billionaire George Soros and his open society global agenda. He is the ‘Puppetmaster’ behind the strings of progressive politicians, and he and his money have literally brought down world governments. He manipulates currency, and he funds radical organizations which push a so-called New World Order. He promotes social engineering and political candidates. He uses his money to help elect lawmakers as well as to break lawmakers who will not promote his agenda.

George Soros is an 86 year old Hungarian-born American citizen. Soros’s age gives credulity to the old saying that ‘only the good die young.’ He has been instrumental in destroying the western culture and has specifically declared America as to being the elephant in the room of his one world agenda. He has acknowledged that the United States of America is key to the finalization of the open society.

But something went awry with Soros’ plan. And Soros has written a piece in which he publicly admits that open societies and globalism are in crisis. He warns that the EU is on the verge of a breakdown, brought on largely by Brexit and the out of control refugees. He writes that the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and France are moving right, and he fears that they will abandon their global progress.

Condemning Donald Trump as a con artist and would-be-dictator, Soros lightens his message with his words that he believes that the institutions of the United States government will combat the executive branch with the help of the ‘Fourth Estate.’ This comment concerning the ‘Fourth Estate’ is very revealing. The Fourth Estate is the media. And if the media merely does its job by reporting the truth, it is virtually a benign force in the realm of persuading policy and ideology. But we know that the media doesn’t do its job in perpetuating truth. We know that the media has an agenda, and that agenda is what influences the voting masses.

This revelation in George Soros’ column signifies the expectations of the direction that the mainstream media will take, which is to continue on the same path. The Left is depending on the media to keep the progressive movement afloat. And it will without a doubt.

It is difficult to fathom how one man such as George Soros can direct the economic and political direction of the entire world. Despite his billions, the realm of thought which elucidates how one man can literally rule the world indirectly is beyond my comprehension. The unmitigated power that Soros has cultivated is the inconceivable plot of an occult-like thriller where the pact with the devil is sealed.

Bill O’Reilly once did a special segment on George Soros and his complicated political operation. He exposed the many organizations which were financed by Soros as he managed to avoid campaign finance laws, thanks to McCain-Feingold. In brief, Soros’ group, Open Society, channels the money to the Tides Foundation which moves the money to far left Media Matters which distorts the truth and passes it along to the mainstream media. Tides also funds the Center for American Progress headed by none other than Hillary Clinton pal, John Podesta. Another link in the Soros network is, a political action and progressive public policy group. Through MoveOn, Soros has funded politicians such as Howard Dean, Jonathan Edwards, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and many others.

Aside from conservatives, George Soros controls the political climate in America with smears against those Democrats who refuse to play in his ballgame. Joe Lieberman refused to be a Soros acolyte and paid the political price. Those who have taken Soros money have sold their souls and forever do the bidding of Soros or pay the price. O’Reilly stated that the families of those who fall out of grace with Soros often become targets.

Soros is also directly linked to controlling specific media celebrities such as Jonathan Alter, Bill Moyer, Frank Rich and most notably, Rosie O’Donnell. His influence is widespread as well as devious.

If a person has any question as to who this man George Soros really is, they would do well to remember that as a young man Soros assisted the Nazis in Hungary of confiscating the property from the Jews, and he referred to this incident (in a video interview which I personally watched) as the “happiest time of my life.” He also stated that the main obstacle to a stable and just world is the United States of America, making his perception of America quite clear.

Bill O’Reilly was on a mission to expose George Soros approximately ten years ago. Soros has always flown under the radar due to the protection he receives from the mainstream media. But O’Reilly had exposed Soros and spent several shows addressing the Soros agenda as well as writing about him in his book “Culture Warriors.”

Not so strangely, after his passionate shows warning of the Soros influence, O’Reilly went years without referencing Soros. I feel certain that even Bill O’Reilly was not immune to the threats and wickedness of Dr. Evil.

The good news is that Dr. Evil and the Left are on the run. But the bad news is that it is only a temporary retreat. They are merely considering their options to regroup and reload. This is not the moment to rejoice. It is a moment to double down.

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