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Giving the last weekly address of his presidency, Barack Obama used the occasion to pat himself on the back while listing his own presidential accomplishments. As expected, his list did not coincide with the list of ‘We the People’ who would describe his presidency as a complete failure and a mockery of what the Founders intended for the executive branch of government.

But then what else is new, considering that Obama is Saul Alinsky’s devoted protégé who has faithfully followed the script of ‘Rules For Radicals.’ Deception has been the engine of Obama’s entire administration, and the mainstream media cleared the path for his propaganda to remain unchallenged. It should be of no surprise that Obama would exit the presidential stage with the same spotlight that he entered it. And as he leaves he builds a shrine to himself.

According to Obama, his legacy will be one of job and income growth, saving the earth with climate deals, providing healthcare to 20 million people, reviving the auto industry, killing Osama Bin Laden, opening the doors to Cuba, the Iran deal, and falling poverty rates. He stated that all of this ‘progress’ was not inevitable, but it was a result of his personal hard work. (Barack Obama wouldn’t recognize hard work if it hit him squarely in the face.)

And then Obama really began having his psychotic episode. The man who will grace the history books as the most disrespected American president worldwide, had the audacity to declare, “Almost every country on earth sees America as stronger and more respected today than they did eight years ago.” When President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte called Obama a “son of a bitch” in September of this year, I don’t think he had the word “respect” in his mind. But I’ll give Obama a pass on that one as I’m sure he catalogued that little insult away in his mind under the file “moments to forget.” Gee, it’s just difficult to remember everything when you’re the president of a superpower.

But not to fret, because the sham of a president has anointed himself with the task of protecting the people from Donald Trump. He promised the half a dozen people listening to his address that he intends on staying involved in politics to prevent Donald Trump from reversing all of the great progressive achievements that he, Obama the Magnificent, has made claim. He plans on providing public criticism of Trump whenever he deems necessary.

Now, isn’t that just like the egocentric Marxist? It’s an unspoken tradition for former presidents to respect their successors by withholding their personal criticism. But Obama doesn’t respect anyone but himself. He will follow his own dictates like the spoiled brat that he epitomized.

Barack Obama is the president who did not retaliate against the terrorists who killed four Americans in Benghazi. He is the president who denies Islamic terrorism worldwide. He is the president who hates Israel so much that he assisted the United Nations in feeding the small Jewish State to the Islamic wolves. He dismantled the remarkable American space program and turned NASA into the Department for Muslim outreach. He refers to himself as a Christian and leads the nation in Christian bashing, never missing an opportunity to strike out at Christians and their traditions.

Obama put the lives of millions of cops in danger as he fueled the Black Lives Matter rhetoric and condemned the police without evidence of any wrongdoing. He used his social engineering blueprint to the detriment of the republic. And he disgracefully spit on the graves of the aborted babies with his stance on allowing mothers of failed abortions to kill their babies after the live birth. He released terrorists in Gitmo to go back into the jihad to kill innocent Americans.

Barack Obama’s lack of leadership goes unchallenged. But there is a silver lining. Obama is leaving office without accomplishing his completed goal of transforming America. Granted, he did some irreparable damage. But we can salvage much of the republic, with hard work.

The outgoing president was nothing more than a community organizer with a ‘voice’ for politics. His commanding delivery of a speech and his race set him on the path to the presidency. Without experience, serious qualifications, and name recognition, Obama soared into the Oval Office.

So, while Obama promises to oversee the new President Trump, we need not worry. He is irrelevant, and he has destroyed his party with his premature unveiling of the Democrat radical agenda. The nation was not ready for his extremism, and they threw it off in the election of 2016. He might think that he can huff and puff and blow our republic in, but the Founders built it out of brick, and the Big Bad Obama will never blow it down!


  1. You are very talented Judy. You can analyze a situation
    and target in on the points that give a very clear perspective.
    Happy New Year My Friend!

  2. As usual Judy, an excellent insight into the “real” Obama.
    One of the biggest changes we will see in President Trump vs Obama is work ethic. As you say, Obama does not know what work is. To Obama, the office was an excuse to play over 300 rounds of golf and take extensive multimillion $$ vacations, all at the taxpayers’ expense. President Trump will work very long hours, 7 days a week, to try and undo the damage Obama has wrought. The biggest disappointment of the last 8 years is the failure of most Americans to realize just how badly Obama has destroyed our country.

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