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I expect outrageous, nonsensical comments and behaviors from young people, but I have no respect nor patience for full-fledged adults who live life with their head up their posteriors. And that sentiment especially holds true for German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Merkel is sixty two years old and has completely lost her head to political correctness and social engineering.

Merkel is a key player in the globalism theater, and she has watched her country deteriorate due to the migrant crisis which reaches across the entire continent of Europe. Yet, today she gave her New Years speech in which she strongly denied that her open-door mass migration policy was wrong, even though terrorists moved into Germany with the migration.

Merkel also rejected the suggestion that the terrorist attacks were an attack on western civilization. Instead, she asserted that the assaults were an attack on the migrants and Germany’s welcoming culture. From the sounds of things, it certainly appears that Merkel is insinuating that the real terrorists are the people who dislike the migrants and the progressive culture. But that’s just like a progressive globalist. They are always distorting or twisting the reality of an event.

Angela Merkel has already brought over one million unvetted Islamic migrants into Germany. These migrants hail from Africa and the Middle East, and hundreds of them are Islamic State fighters who are weaponising other migrants already in the country.

While permitting millions of migrants to move into her country without proof of identity, Merkel had the arrogance to lie to her citizens and say that Germany was doing everything “to ensure it’s citizens security in freedom.” I would like to add, “doing everything except keeping terrorists out of the country.”

It never ceases to amaze me how these politician/leaders have the hubris to brazenly lie to the people whom they have taken an oath to serve. Merkel downplayed the significance of the terrorist attack by migrants in Ansbach and the Christmas market in Berlin. She proposed that those Germans mourning for the loss of those who died from these attacks, seek consolation in each other. How about they find consolation from the knowledge that the Chancellor will promise to put an end to the attacks by closing the doors of its open door policy? How about they find consolation from Merkel making a pledge to expel suspicious migrants from the country? Oh no, that won’t do. Because to really give consolation to the weary and fearful German citizens, Angela Merkel would have to be a woman of integrity and substance who actually put her people ahead of the warped ideology of people who walk with George Soros. And I have no doubt that it is Soros who helps this weak, simpleminded woman maintain her power, despite her failed leadership.

But it is not Merkel’s bad policy that is making me want to engage in hair pulling. It is the frustration that comes when the elite progressives like Merkel endanger real people who are powerless to define their own destinies and security because of Merkel and her fellow globalists.

The German Chancellor defied all reason and declared that Germany will fight the terrorists with compassion. Ignoring the fact that the past two years have brought axe attacks, a truck rampage, mass sexual assaults, social unrest, crime, and Islamic suicide bombings, as a result of the mass migrant importation, Merkel went off the deep end and told her people that Germany will defeat terrorism by charming the terrorists with compassion and unity.

A person doesn’t get any dumber than that, folks. What if Winston Churchill or Franklin Roosevelt want to defeat Nazism and Hitler with compassion? What if Roosevelt suggested that Americans pray for and forgive the Japanese following the attack on Pearl Harbor?

It was the weakness of Neville Chamberlain that permitted Hitler to become the powerhouse that he became. Merkel, like Chamberlain, wants to appease and surrender rather than to square off against the evil. And in doing so, Merkel is becoming part of the vile and vicious depravity as she sits idly and twiddles her thumbs while her people are sexually abused and killed by the hands of those whom she has invited into her country. All the while, this wicked woman is asking the German people to trust her for a fourth term in office.

Germany has a huge problem, and it’s not just mass migrant importation. Her name is Angela Merkel. And if the German people don’t put her out of office, they can kiss their culture and future goodbye.

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  1. I sent my daughter and ex-wife to Europe for three weeks about 20 years ago. They enjoyed the antiquity, the art, the food and the beauty that once was The Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and England. I don’t think I would want to send my granddaughter to Europe. It can no longer be considered safe for tourists because of the globalists.

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