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Interim chairwoman for the Democrat National Committee, Donna Brazile, stated on ABC’s “This Week” yesterday that President-elect Trump has ‘enormous’ opportunity to find common ground with the Democrats in Washington D.C. Yes, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Keep in mind that it was Brazile who gave Hillary Clinton the debate questions for her showdown with Donald Trump in the general election. And now, Donna “I’m a cheater” Brazile wants Trump to reach out to her team.

No! No! And absolutely No! No more playing nice with the Democrats! Of course we need civility with the Democrat Party. But now is not the time to be reaching out to the them. We won the election, and now is the time they play by our rules.

When the Democrats speak of ‘compromise,’ they have one thing in mind, and that is for the Republicans to give in to the demands of the Democrats. Democrats never compromise, at least not in any realm of substantive compromise.

And now is not the time for Republicans to genuinely compromise, even if they wished to do so. Republicans are in the position where there is no room for compromise. The Democrats moved radically to the left under Barack Obama so to compromise with them would still result in liberal policy.

Republicans have to shift so far to the right just to bring the nation back into a position of ideological balance, that they cannot even entertain the thought of consorting with the meddling Democrats. They have to tend to the task of returning to constitutional law and abandoning the progressive agenda.

Let’s say that the Republicans fall for the Democrats’ plea to find “common ground.” Where is that “common ground”? What are the cultural and political principles that tie Republicans and Democrats together? Well, they both like to eat. They both breathe oxygen. And I would say that they both love children, but I can’t. Democrats insist that women have the right to kill their own offspring, and abortion is the focal point of their platform. Therefore, loving the children is not a prime concern of Democrats.

In most societies the instinct for survival is a common bond of the citizens. But Democrats have become reckless with our national security and even domestic policy which has the potential of leading to civil unrest. We cannot even depend on the Liberals to stand against social instability. In fact, it is the Democrats who welcome a good ‘crisis’ in which to push through their unpopular social engineering schemes.

Democrats ignore radical Islam and terrorism. They incite the killing of cops with racially divisive rhetoric. They encourage unvetted migrants to enter into the American mainstream. They support sanctuary cities which provide refuge for illegal criminals. They want open borders which provide more opportunity for terrorists to enter the country.

Standing on common ground with the Democrats would be contingent upon the tiny little detail that there must be common ground to stand on, of which there is none. And there is no common ground because the Republicans and Democrats have two completely different visions for America. Republicans want a constitutional republic established on Judeo-Christian principles. Democrats want a secular/progressive society with an amoral system of justice which punishes whites for their white privilege.

The basic worldview of Democrats and Republicans is as antithetical as night and day. The divide cannot be bridged, and it is doubtful that either side will submit to the other. The stakes are too high. Republicans have no choice but to move right and fast while they are in control of the executive and legislative branches. To allow the Democrats to stall the conservative agenda in the name of finding common ground would be downright idiotic.

Donna Brazile knows that there is no common ground. But she is depending on Trump to fall for the same rhetoric that worked on past Republicans who always fell for the plea to compromise.

Now hear this, Democrats! There is no common ground. There is no compromise! Grab your blankies and coloring books and snuggle up in a safe space. Everything is going to be okay!

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  1. You didn’t win the election; you won the anachronism that is the Electoral College. There are 3 million more of us than there are of you. And that number grows every day as Little Donald continues his childish rants.

    You are a typical Republican looking in the mirror. Blame the Democrats for what you have done for decades. You have no honor. You have no soul.

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