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Contrary to the Democrat and media spin that the Republican Party was a dying body politic due to the Trump effect, it is the Democrat Party that is on the morphine pump. And the liberal pain has become almost unbearable as the Democrat celebrities, Trump haters, and party leaders are writhing in emotional agony. What to do? What to do?

On the Republican Front, the party base is excited, and they are coming together. Even many of the conservative NeverTrumpers have made some peace with the reality of a Trump presidency. The Republican platform is specific, and the base is focused on redirecting the Washington Establishment from the progressive left to the constitutional right.

At this moment in American history, it is a joyous time to be a Republican, and a depressing time to be a liberal Democrat. Try as the Democrats may to put a positive spin on a comeback or the possibility of impeaching Trump, it just isn’t in the tea leaves. They won’t succeed. And they know it. But they have to put on the face of hope or lose face, one or the other. So, they pretend.

As of now, the Democrats are promising to stage a magnificent protest at the inauguration of Donald Trump. They are promising that it will be colossal. Who knows? It may be everything they promise it will be. So, so, and so? If it makes them happy to spend their day in the inauguration traffic and crowds so that the Trump supporters know that they are unhappy, then by all means, they need to protest.

But at the end of the day on January 20, 2017, President-elect Donald Trump will be President Donald Trump, and there is not a darn thing that the Democrats can do about that short of an all out ‘bloody civil war.’ Because if I know one thing, I know this. The Americans that elected Donald Trump are at the end of their ropes. Their very long fuses have burnt down to the powder. Any attempts to steal the results of the election with a false flag or insurgency will erupt into violent social unrest.

The Democrat Party leaders have to make some decisions, and they have to make them fast. Where does the party go from here? The party is basically leaderless. The Clintons are old and politically shriveled. Howard Dean, who is backed by George Soros, would love to be the party leader, but Dean is out of the question. Considering the radical ideology of the new Democrat Party, Dean is too white. He is a far left player, but in respect to the up and coming Democrat stars, even Dean is a centrist.

Since the 2016 defeat of Hillary Clinton the liberals are swinging at every pitch. They have attacked the Electoral College process. They tried to incite an uprising which fizzled out like a firework sparkler. Democrat celebrities are refusing to perform at the Inauguration. And the White House is attempting to delegitimize the Trump win by insisting that the Russians tampered with the election.

The Democrat Party is now the party which chases its own tail. If anything speaks to the ruination of the Democrat Party, it is the reelection of Nancy Pelosi as the Democrat House Leader. Pelosi is the epitome of ignorance and arrogance. But the party power lies with her.

For the first time in decades the outgoing president is staying in Washington D.C. Barack Obama is hanging around, because he knows that the party has no leader and without his presence his Marxist legacy will unravel.

Van Jones, former Obama cabinet member and presently a CNN contributor, shared his own idea of where the Democrat Party should go. Jones has suggested that Muslim Brotherhood Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison take the DNC Chair. Ellison is pro-Palestinian and a lightning rod. Jewish Attorney Alan Dershowitz has threatened to leave the Democrat Party if Ellison takes charge.

‘We the People’ spoke and vociferously demanded that the nation reverse course from the radical direction that the Democrats were taking us. And Van Jones wants the new face of the Democrat Party to be one of a Muslim Brotherhood extremist who was sworn into office with the Koran. And where does that leave the Jewish Democrats who have been loyal members of the party?

The Democrat Party will never be able to reclaim the political power it delighted in under Obama. When a party becomes as extreme as the Democrats have become, there is no flexibility for compromise. The Democrats have pandered to so many special interest voting blocs, many of which are hostile to each other such as the Muslims and Jews. They have no principles which is apparent by their contradictory platforms. Embracing feminism while embracing Muslims, who dishonor and physically violate women, is an oxymoron. But Democrats don’t care, because they have no interest in a code of ethics or morals. They are the party of political expediency and nothing more.

Either the Democrats make a dramatic shift towards the right and try to begin walking back their extreme social engineering policies, or they die as an effective party. Moving to the right is their only option for survival.

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