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Oh thank the heavens we finally know what Megyn Kelly has decided to do with her career. The media is a chatter with the buzz that Kelly is heading for NBC. I can finally get some sleep as I have been at wits end worrying about Kelly’s next career move. Would she stay at Fox or would she leave. Inquiring minds wanted to know, and now we do.

The saga of Megyn Kelly has been an adventure in egomania and celebrity worship. Kelly, who is just a typical pretty woman, although I have seen far prettier, is bright and has camera appeal. To say that she has no talent would be blatantly unfair to her. She definitely has the right stuff to be a successful journalist. But that’s where it ends.

Somewhere along her path to the top, Megyn Kelly encountered someone or somebodies who decided that it would be in the best interest of Fox News and Kelly to promote her as a sex goddess. Being a Fox News babe was not enough for Kelly. She was targeted to be the Fox News goddess. The camera lighting that was used on Kelly was unique to her. The other Fox News ladies, many of whom were far prettier than Kelly, were not privy to the special glamour effects that was bestowed on Megyn.

Megyn Kelly was packaged, given a brand name, and sold to the public as a household product and a sex symbol. Her overabundance of confidence lured her audiences into the phoniness which surrounded her humanity. She was propelled to the heights of celebrity adoration. One day Megyn is the host of an afternoon Fox News program, and the next thing we know, Fox is having a shakeup as ‘The Kelly File’ is being proclaimed to be the best that prime time has to offer.

Kelly tried to advance herself as a conservative in the early days of her show, but as always happens with phonies, her true liberal colors resonated. By that time she was already the established Fox goddess who was the spark plug for horny old men, and her ideology didn’t matter. All that mattered was that she was ‘Megyn.’ Just say the name ‘Megyn,’ and the world knew who you were talking about.

As disheartening as it was to witness American people falling prey to the Megyn propaganda machine, I must admit the phenomenon of celebrity and celebrity worship is quite interesting to observe. Watching normal people react to the glitz, sex appeal, and illusion created by media hype is quite fascinating.

The past year has been quite tumultuous for Kelly as her ego got into the way of her good sense, and she decided to make herself the story in the first debate of the Republican primary. Challenging Donald Trump in an attempt to humiliate him backfired on Kelly, and from that moment on, she lost the wind behind her sails. She was adrift and becoming a controversial figure rather than the fantasy woman.

Kelly then managed to make herself the story when Gretchen Carlson filed a sexual lawsuit against Fox News CEO Roger Ailes. Carlson’s charges against Ailes were downplayed until, of course, the Fox sex goddess decided to make her own statement of Ailes’ inappropriate advances towards herself. She was instrumental in the takedown of Ailes at Fox.

Kelly then became a public adversary to Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity, while reports have been leaked that the entire Fox News crew was quite disturbed by Kelly and her power play at Fox. Demanding twenty-five million dollars for a contract renewal, Kelly was brought down a peg or two when the Murdoch family let her walk.

So she took her super-sized ego and hiked over to NBC News, where, something tells me, she will be the target of resentment from the NBC News facetime crowd. She may soar to stardom beyond her wildest dreams at NBC, or she may find herself to be a very lonely woman.

Meanwhile back at Fox News, the scuttlebutt has it that there is a wide gap with Kelly’s departure. Horsefeathers! There are many talented, attractive women at Fox News who are not only capable of filling the Kelly void, but who are actually likeable.

Hopefully, Fox has learned a lesson from the Kelly saga. Pretty women are a dime a dozen, and the Fox News Babes do draw an audience. But sex goddesses are never content with being a part of anything. Just like Megyn Kelly, they want it all. And Kelly wanted Fox to be ‘All about Megyn.”


  1. I for one am very glad to see Megyn leave Fox. She has become a distraction to the network. I do not believe she will be wildly successful at NBC, but that doesn’t matter because I NEVER watch NBC news programs. You do have to give Megyn credit though. She played the “beautiful woman” card to the hilt. She got much more attention than her abilities deserve. She is average at best….albeit a VERY rich average. I almost guarantee NBC will have buyer’s remorse, but those idiots deseve it.

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