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We are in our current political mess, because Americans disengaged from politics. They assumed that they were powerless to fight the powerful Washington elite, and they gave up. Many Americans even forfeited their voting rights by staying home and then whining about having no voice in government.

The average person just looked at the complicated mess of politicians and broken promises and tuned out. ‘Why bother’ became the general consensus. Unfortunately, in doing so they did nothing but exacerbate their problems.

So, while I get aggravated with those Americans who opted out of participating in the process, I understand their grievances. Finding a righteous leader is like looking for a needle in the proverbial haystack. But in today’s society searching for a ‘decent’ leader is akin to the same tedious investigation.

And nothing speaks to my point like the present list of hypocritical leaders who will be attending the inauguration of Donald Trump. Men and women who called Trump a ‘son of a bi**h’ are suddenly Trump’s best friend and want to be a part of the glorious celebration that ushers the so-called ‘son of a bi**h’ into the White House.

After their attempts to delegitimize Trump’s victory with recounts, accusations of Russian hacking, and various other petulant tantrums, Bill and Hillary Clinton will be attending Trump’s nomination. We already knew that the Clintons were the lowest of low life, but the shameless Clintons are willing to venture into the sublevel of the political basement and watch Trump take his victory lap. Their lust for the limelight is a sickness. And we will watch Hillary smile and wave as if she was perfectly content with losing her life long dream to the man she considers a ‘son of a bi**h.’

Next on the guest list of hypocrites are George W. Bush and his wife Laura. Donald Trump stood on the debate stage and accused George W. of taking America into a war by lying to the American people and the world about WMDs. He ridiculed Jeb Bush, and the entire Bush family. But heck, that’s okay, isn’t it George? As long as showing up at Trump’s inauguration gives George W. another opportunity to shine as a former president, then Bush can overlook anything.

And then there’s good ole boy John Kasich. Kasich is such a tool of the Washington Establishment that not only did he refuse to endorse Trump in his home state of Ohio, but he announced that he had voted for John McCain with a write-in vote. That’s the ticket, John. America is drowning and you wasted your vote on a progressive has-been who has absolutely no chance of winning. But suddenly, you have only the utmost respect for Trump as you make yourself a part of his big day.

Save room for Hugo Chavez’s buddy Jimmy Carter. Jimmy wouldn’t miss this shindig for anything in the world. It wasn’t enough to bring economic turmoil to the nation and leave hostages in Iran for 444 days while he was president. No, Jimmy had to spend his golden years touring the world and reminding the citizens of the globe of the evils of capitalism. But Carter will be on hand for the inauguration and all the fanfare that goes with it. One more shot at the royal treatment, right Jimmy?

When all is said and done, these people may all hate Donald Trump and refer to him as a ‘son of a bi**h.’ But they are all willing to set aside their dignity and pretend that they are his best friends. They will smile and hug each other while under their breath they are giving Trump a big ‘F You.’ Because only one thing matters to them. They want the pomp and circumstance of being with the beautiful crowd.

To these charlatans, Donald Trump is a ‘son of a bi**h’, but as long as he resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, he is their friend.

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  1. Ah but don’t underestimate the Donald, 🙂
    He could be reaching out to the devils followers or just creating another opportunity to cut the throat of his adversaries. Id like to think the later 🙂

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