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Aside from drugs, sex orgies, money, glamour, glitz, and cosmetic surgery, Hollywood’s most notable claim to fame is it’s ample supply of ego. Super-sized egos are cultivated in Hollywood. And the celebrities who frequent or call Hollywood home have cornered the market on self exaltation and vanity. Their arrogance is beyond compare.

But take away the makeup artists and personal trainers, and the Hollywood crowd consists of average-looking men and women who are empty vessels. Contrary to popular assumption, memorizing movie lines does not require the aptitude of a genius. Average and even below average thinkers can act. Great actors are not all they are cracked up to be. To be sure, acting is an overrated talent. Many of us could excel at acting if we had the desire or opportunity.

Regrettably, the lack of humility and virtue in Hollywood among the celebrities has become an epidemic, and the superstar elites have united to stop Donald Trump. At least, that’s what they say. But we know what they really mean. They want to stop the resurgence of the conservative movement. They are in panic mode.

So, these intellectual midgets have formed an alliance to stop Trump and the populist movement. They are coming out in force to command that We the People listen to their directives. And they are “demanding” (their own words) that Congress listen to their commandments.

These vile and repugnant performers have completely lost perspective as to their importance. Assuming that they know what We the People don’t know and that they understand what We the People don’t understand, these thespian clowns made a video in which they not only implore Congress to obstruct Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim, racist, anti-immigrant, anti-worker, sexist and anti-Semitic policies, but they demand that they do so. And they took it upon themselves to say, “signed by the majority of the American people.”

These lying sons of guns had the audacity to speak of Trump’s anti-Semitic policies just days after Barack Obama fed Israel to the Palestinian wolves. They omitted Donald Trump’s statement of defense of Israel and his promise to help the Jewish state. And yet Mr. and Mrs. Hollywood Entertainer distorted the entire scenario.

To sweeten their concoction of unadulterated deception, they invoked the blatant lie that there has been a spike in hate crimes against minorities since Trump’s victory. Tell that to the disabled white man that was attacked by the four black thugs and forced to denounce Trump and whites.

Facts are too messy for the Hollywood elite. If they had to depend on the truth, they wouldn’t have a platform to demand squat. They would just be simple-minded people waiting for their agent to call with the next big role. Or waiting for the next available bed in the celebrity rehab center.

And then we have the celebrity group calling for ‘a month of resistance to the Trump/Pence regime.’ These boneheads want Trump stopped before his inauguration. Back in the day we called that inciting an assassination attempt. Michael Moore is calling for civil disobedience at Trump’s inauguration, and he has repeatedly said that Trump needs be stopped before the inauguration, and he predicts Trump won’t make it through his first term in office. What does Michael “Jabba the Hut” Moore know that we don’t know?

Tonight the Obamas are hosting their final White House star-studded bash. The guest list hasn’t been released, but if it’s the typical crowd, we will see BeyoncĂ©, Samuel Jackson, JayZ, Stevie Wonder, Bradley Cooper, Ellen DeGeneres, George Lucas, and a myriad of other Hollywood know-nothings. I assume that the American taxpayers will pick up the tab for Obama’s farewell gala. I’m sure it will be quite a blowout.

The rich and famous have all but destroyed this country with their progressive elite agenda and their tight-knit club of beautiful people. And now they are fomenting violence. They may not be calling for the assassination of Donald Trump precisely, but they are hinting at the possibility or probability of such an event. They are trying to stir the masses into an uprising against Trump. And they are wanting a confrontation between the Left and the Right.

They want chaos, and they want violence. Of course, these egocentric disgusting celebrities will sit back in their ivory towers and watch the chain of events which will transpire from chaos in the streets of America. They want an insurrection, but they don’t want to be involved in an uprising. Lordy no! Why, they wouldn’t contaminate their health or their sensitivities by joining hands with the left-wing loons.

Hollywood celebrities are considered to be the beautiful people. But in truth, they are among the ugliest people on the planet.

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