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If anything speaks to the insurmountable divide between the Liberals and Conservatives, it is the reaction of the Left to the Facebook video of the young white disabled man being attacked by four blacks who are between the ages of 18 and 24. The victim was gagged, bound, and cut with a knife. He was forced to say, “F**k Trump and F**k white people” and made to drink from a toilet.

Typically, the White House and left-wing media responded by stating that it is too soon to tell if the attack was a hate crime. Considering that the attack was live-streamed on facebook, the thugs committing the crime showed no remorse, and the black perpetrators forced the young disabled white man to condemn whites, an investigation isn’t necessary. We know what happened. Period!

CNN’s Don Lemon went as far as to say the hoodlums were merely young people with bad training. No, Don, bad training is eating with your mouth open. Bad training is forgetting to say ‘thank you.’ Bad training is leaving the toilet seat up.

Lemon saw no evil in the assault upon the disabled man. Just childish pranks. Hey Don, did you see cowardice? Were they just black cowards picking on an incapacitated white person?

The Left defines hate as the emotional hostility of a white man. In the delusional world of the Left, minorities are innocent victims of the evil white man and bear no animus towards others. Minorities show aggression because of their frustration and resentment of being mistreated by white people, and of course because of poor home training. Or so says Don Lemon and the liberal loons.

The Liberals have ventured so far out of normal reasoning patterns that they are now endangering white people and convincing stupid white people to repent for being white by acknowledging ‘white privilege.’ And the outgoing racist president Barack Obama has the unmitigated gall to suggest that Donald Trump is racist?

Though I was pleasantly surprised and thankful that Hillary Clinton was defeated, I have long said that the Left will never go away willingly. And if the Democrat Party disintegrates as the party leaders move further and further left, a new radicalized party will replace it. It is becoming apparent that the Left is already becoming unhinged, and they won’t stop.

We may long for the days of the birdbrained Nancy Pelosi and the disgusting and repulsive Harry Reid. Hardcore far-left progressives have been in incubation cells in our universities and are readying for hatching. And when they come out into society, they are coming with the wrath of the ungodly. And they will have no mercy for whites or conservatives.

Presently, our salvation is Donald Trump. Whether I can say that next year or even next month is yet to be seen. But he is the only real hope we have in this world of madness. We must face the reality that the Liberals are too far gone to extricate from the clutches of the progressive monster. We cannot put our faith in Trump, but we can put our hopes and prayers with him.

Buckle up! This ride is about to get very bumpy!

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  1. You need look no further than Obama. He OPENLY encouraged the slaughter of white police officers by his many open Lincoln bedroom invitations to Black Lives Matter thugs. BLM is a terrorist organization as much as ISIS, whom the muslim loving Obama will not even call “Islamic”.
    IT IS A FACT that many of the police officers killed in the US WOULD NOT have died had it not been for Obama’s policies and HATE. Now how is that for Obama’s real legacy.

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