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Early one morning a few months ago, I opened the Drudge Report only to be met with the vision of a person with a shaved head, a beard, and a hairy chest with a very large breast drooping into a baby’s face. And I was not only completely disgusted, but I was grossed out. And I really don’t care if my description of this woman offends anyone.

The story which accompanied the photograph was written by the sister of the woman or so-called transgender man. I don’t sugarcoat, and I don’t play the politically correct games. I refuse to even dabble in the delusionary thinking of the screwed up transgender world. And frankly, those individuals that cater to the nonsense of those who promote the transgender lifestyle, knowing that it is a life of heartache for these people, are cowards.

Gender dysphoria is a mental illness. Psychiatrists, who have not been indoctrinated by progressive academia, have long treated these gender dysphoric individuals, and they maintain that 75%-95% will outgrow their delusion by the teenage years. Of course, that would not be the case if the parents advanced their delusions with grandiose ideas of transgenderism.

And the increasing number of parents who are exploiting their own children by encouraging gender confusion is becoming alarming. They can only be described as abusive. Some parents are assisting their children with the transitioning from their biological sex to their imaginary sex when the children are in their pre-kindergarten years. And I contend these children should be taken from their parents. And prosecuted!

National Geographic made history last month when it promoted the transgender revolution by putting a nine-year old transgender child on the cover. Yet, the American College of Pediatrics has spoken out and identified the transgender problem as one of a political agenda rather than science. According to this esteemed group of pediatricians, giving children puberty blockers and sex-cross hormones causes sterility. Young girls are having double mastectomies by the age of sixteen.

Not only does the cross-sex hormones affect the biological growth associated with reproduction, but years of taking these drugs cause cancer, diabetes, heart attacks, and stroke. The American College of Pediatrics concluded their report with evidence that the ingestion of these toxic hormones and the mutilation of healthy body parts is institutionalized child abuse.

Former Psychiatrist-in-Chief for John Hopkins Hospital, Dr. Paul R. McHugh, states that transgenderism is a mental disorder that should be treated. And he adds that sex change is biologically impossible. Referring to the notion of transgenderism as ‘an order of assumption,’ Dr. McHugh alleges that those who confuse these gender dysphoric by treating their disorder as a genuine need for sexual reassignment are only exacerbating the problem. Not only does McHugh agree with the findings of the American College of Pediatricians that the gender confused children overwhelmingly grow out of their confusion by the teen years, but he warns of the alarming suicide rate which accompanies those transgenders who carry through with the physical reassignment. Transgenders who opt for the complete transformation are twenty times more likely to commit suicide than those who don’t. And he adds that Transgenders who transition are still troubled as to their identities.

Gender identity is akin to an anorexic looking in the mirror and seeing a fat person looking back. It is a mental disorder, and political correctness can never change the dynamics of the argument.

But the Left continues their march to bring about gender fluidity. HBO produced a documentary about two Transgender cops which ran Thursday night. Just as the progressives at National Geographic are desensitizing the masses to the inevitably of mainstreaming transgenderism, HBO has joined the effort. They point at the children, and now the police, and say, “It’s just who we are. Transgenders are everywhere.” But in reality, they are not.

As of now, Transgenders are a minute part of our population. Just as homosexuals were at one time uncommon. And no, no, no! It wasn’t because they stayed in the closet. Homosexuality has become a fad. Political correctness did not open the door for compassion, it opened the door for the recruitment of heterosexuals to homosexuals. They preyed on our children, just as the Transgender community is expanding their base by preying on confused children.

Transgenderism is a mental illness. Political correctness be damned! It is time to stop the madness being mainstreamed by the LBGT crowd. Don’t let them have our children! Speak out against Trangenderism! And if you don’t…well, the next little girl to have a double mastectomy at the age of 18 just could be your daughter or granddaughter!


    • The only people who gain from transgenderism are those who use it to advance a political agenda. The transgender person himself does not gain from pursuing this lifestyle. We see the small objectives that the progressives push in society such as gun control, abortion, same-sex marriage, etc. But we need to look at the big picture. The ultimate goal of the progressive is to destroy the family. The traditional roles of men and women, mothers and fathers, etc. interfere with the progressive agenda of gender fluidity. In the world of the progressive there is only moral relativity. There are no right or wrongs. Humans are to be worshiped as inherently good, and there is no need for the divine. Progressive are determined to change all cultural perceptions. They want no sexual distinctions as they are preparing to rid the world of the binary sex. Progressives are not interested in helping people with gender dysphoria. In truth, they want all people to be gender dysphoric or gender fluid. The Brave New World that the Progressives pursue requires that there are no absolutes. Everything is fluid…people are gender fluid, the truth is fluid, and everything is alterable……….There is no room in the progressive world for spirituality. Your truth may not be my truth. What you consider committing a crime is not what I consider committing a crime……….One thing that must be understood is that expecting to find rational thinking in the actions of the progressives is irrational in itself. It is extremely difficult for a normal thinking person to find any logic in the progressive agenda. So, we tend to deny their intentions.

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