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A hundred years ago mental illness in the family was shameful. Rather than to treat those unfortunate family members, who were not of sound mind, with understanding and compassion, ignorant people hid them away. The sickest of these individuals were often locked away in institutions and never to be discussed. As far as the public was concerned, they no longer existed. Those persons with milder forms of psychosis or dementia were kept at home but out of the public eye.

It is a blight on our role as a society that we were so uninformed and insensitive to truly sick people. We ignored their health and their humanity. Rather than to deal with the illnesses of these sad people, we turned our backs in disgust and fear.

Thankfully, as we advanced, we began recognizing the mentally ill as suffering from disease and not from the devil within. We developed therapy and humane hospitals which treated these individuals with compassion and medication. Millions of our population, whom at one time would have been shoved out of the way, have been brought back from the abyss of derangement to lead normal lives.

Our mental health experts achieved what can only be described as miracles in respect to the salvation of human lives that would have at an earlier time been abandoned as irrecoverable. We matured our understanding of mental illness as an organic disorder and not the mark of the beast which had been a long time superstition. We invented drugs that could control delusionary thinking and hallucinations.

And as we refined our awareness of mental afflictions and other emotional ailments, people who had long endured mental anguish from years of concealing their illnesses for fear of being locked away or shunned by society, came forward and received treatment. And they led normal lives after being diagnosed and medicated or given therapy for their specific problem.

Although we have far to go to understand the functions of the human mind, we have made miraculous advancements. But now, due to the irrational standards of the politically correct progressives who have infiltrated the psychiatric profession, we have begun to forgo treatment of the mentally ill and encourage the victims to embrace their illness. And this is an action of pure madness.

In order to serve their political agenda, progressives have attacked every facet of our culture, and that includes the field of psychiatry. Behavior modification and the manipulation of our language have always been the weapons of choice for the Left. Changing our behaviors through thought control has been brutally effective.

And now it is not only in the best interest of the progressives to advance their agenda by exploiting the mentally ill individuals suffering from gender dysphoria, but they are promoting this sickness by pushing the so-called ‘Transgender Revolution.” And what’s worse is that they have targeted our children in order to mainstream the mental illness of gender dysphoria.

Accepting and understanding those who agonize with mental illness and encouraging them to embrace their delusional thinking are two complete opposites. We can offer them support and medical help without abusing their inability to think clearly. In essence what those on the Left are doing to the gender dysphoric community is no different that stealing from the blind. They are capitalizing on the disabilities of those who do not have the mental capacity to recognize that they are being played to bolster left-wing ideology.

Gender dysphoric people have become the personification of progressive propaganda. Almost daily we see another victim of the sickness which is being promoted by the evil progressives. And make no mistake about it, progressives are a wicked bunch. They will use the weak, the innocent, and the mentally ill to advance their Marxist-driven platform.

Just as the Left forced same-sex marriage down our throats, they are determined to create a world of gender neutrality. And they don’t care how many lives they destroy in the process. Progressives see life as expendable, especially when it propels their plan to dismantle humanity.

We allowed the mainstreaming of homosexuality. Loving our homosexual friends and family members is one thing. But permitting the LBGT community to begin recruiting our children for the purpose of expanding a sick and twisted social structure is another. And like it or not, that is their goal. And the next step is gender fluidity. Mainstreaming gender dysphoria as normal is the next stop on the Gender Revolution Train.

And this train must be derailed!………….to be continued

Stay tuned for Part II.

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