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One of the advantages to living in a progressive world is that you can be anything you want to be. If you are an albino Caucasian and consider yourself to be black, it’s done. You’re black. If you are a five foot five inch 46 year old female, tipping the scales at 133 pounds, and you want to be the point guard for a university all male basketball team, consider the position yours.

Whereas the United States Army advises, “Be All That You Can be,” the Progressives promise that you can “Be All That You Can’t Be.” Progressives don’t allow reality to interfere in their perception of life. In fact, they prefer to have a screwed-up sense of reality where facts and truth are irrelevant. Progressives are about fantasy. That’s just how they roll.

It’s also the reason that Americans have had to endure fake news for so many years. When absolutes have no value and the truth is relative, all news is relevant to the philosophy of the reporter. We can no longer assume that the news we receive is accurate. We have to consider the source and the agenda of the source. Truth is everything. Agenda is everything.

Keeping in line with the wishing well theory, progressive media are ignoring all connection between their stories and the validity of those stories. If a story fits the progressive narrative, it is presented as valid, accurate, and newsworthy. The legitimacy of the account is not in question as long as it is compatible with politically correct doctrine.

And so it goes with the latest example of fake news. “The Sun,” a News UK Company, has this headline, “I’m Four Months Pregnant” British Man, 20, Will be the First to Give Birth.” The story involves a woman by the name of Hayden Cross who has her breasts and ovaries, and obviously a vagina. Hayden was born a girl but is legally a man.

Well, if she has female reproductive organs and is pregnant, how can she be legally a man, you might ask. Simply, because she says so. Hayden Cross says she is a man, so she is. Hayden was in the process of transitioning when she decided that she wanted to have her own biological child. She interrupted the process by discontinuing the male hormones so that she could remain a girl long enough to have a baby.

To add weirder to weird, she then bought the donor sperm off of facebook. In her own words, “I don’t know who the bloke was, I don’t remember anything about him.” Goodness sakes, I hope he wasn’t a descendant of Jack the Ripper, but you know how it is. You never know whose sperm you might end up with when you advertise on facebook.

I read Hayden’s sad story as to how she was confused, and how her recent partner convinced her that she was a transgender, so she began transitioning. I would say that Hayden Cross is the worst case scenario of peer pressure.

Hayden closed her story by stating, “Trans is a common thing now for our generation.” And this is the one statement in her sad sad saga that is true. Young people are being indoctrinated into believing that much of the normal confusion they feel can be traced to a false sense of sexuality. And they are being coerced into making decisions which are irreversible. And we can attribute much of that to fake news which gives the reader a sense of legitimacy.

The headlines of a man giving birth are a prime example of fake news. The man in question is a female with female anatomy. She is not a man just because she legally refers to herself as a man. If she called herself a kangaroo, the headlines would no doubt read, “Kangaroo Pregnant with Human Baby.”

Fake news is what drives the progressive agenda. Without it, progressivism would wither on the vine. Most of us are familiar with the expression of reality, “It is what it is.” But in the progressive world “It is what it isn’t.”

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  1. I have to say, while this is so true and sad; I LOVE how you have made such a sick truth, humorous. Keep going, you’re great!

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