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As expected, last night’s Golden Globes Awards became the golden opportunity for the left-wing Hollywood elites to make their jabs at President-elect Trump. And what else is new? This is Hollywood elitism at its finest, and frankly, I would have been quite disappointed and surprised if the superstars shirked their responsibilities to remind us all of their self-absorption and arrogance.

Conservative-bashing is a routine segment of the Hollywood Awards programs. It takes second place only to the self-congratulatory section in which the stars all salute each other for their talent and super-human being status. Thank goodness that it’s televised so that all of the little people can enjoy watching with envy as the rich and famous strut their stuff.

And Meryl Streep didn’t let us down. Streep received the Cecile B. Demille Lifetime Achievement Awards, and used her acceptance speech to repeatedly attack Donald Trump. Streep began her speech with a lie by suggesting that since the election of Trump, Hollywood has become the most vilified segment of society, because they are crawling with outsiders and foreigners.

The truth is that Hollywood is anti-American. They are and have been instrumental in portraying Americans as bigots and inhumane players on the world stage. The Hollywood elites are so smug in their egotistical world of make believe that they perceive themselves to be above the rank of humanity. They distinguish themselves as gods and goddesses with an all-knowing ability to lecture the masses on any given subject.

If Streep was honest as to the motive of her diatribe, she would have to admit that she and her Hollywood cohorts are indignant and perplexed in regards to We the People not following the propaganda spread by the entertainment industry. Surely everyone knows that superstars are much brighter and enlightened than Mr. and Mrs. Average Joe American. Right, Meryl?

In a more humorous moment, Streep reached out to what she called the ‘principled press’ to stand up to Trump. ‘Principled press’ is indeed an oxymoron. She called on Hollywood to support the Committee to Protect Journalists, “because we are going to need them going forward, and they’ll need us to safeguard the truth.”

Wow! Hollywood is now delegating itself as the vanguard for truth in government. These are the same bunch who promised to leave the country if Trump was elected, but went back on their word. They use their public position to throw their tantrums.

Meryl Streep declared that Donald Trump’s ‘performance’ which most stunned her was his mocking of a New York Times disabled reporter. My mercy, Meryl, but I have researched and researched, and I have not found even a smidgeon of information suggesting that you condemned Barack Obama when he mocked Special Olympics during a special visit with Jay Leno. Could it be because you didn’t? It’s called hypocrisy, dear!

Claiming that she and her Hollywood pals are vilified, Streep neglected to mention that she and her pals take every opportunity to insult conservatives, denigrate whites, and use their voices to promote anti-American activities. Hollywood celebrities overwhelmingly use their bully pulpit to push a political agenda which is the antithesis of what the Founders intended.

They offend the middle class with their false allegations of racism and homophobia. They show hostility towards us when they take to the stage during their many awards ceremonies and alternate their performances with accolades for themselves and progressive sermons for We the People. They display phony righteous indignation when the majority of them are dishonorable people leading amoral lives.

We don’t vilify Hollywood. We find them contemptible. There is no need to vilify people who expose themselves as loathsome, disrespectful, and disgustingly immoral. We merely see you as you are and react to your characterization of us. After all, according to the progressive and Hollywood elite, we are the “Deplorables.” And you and your ilk, Ms. Streep, are the people we deplore.


  1. It’s easy to take shots at someone that is not present. Streep has the stage, and the only microphone that’s on, so no one had the opportunity to refute her on stage. Wow, that took a lot of courage! Pfffffttttttt!

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