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It has been quite entertaining watching the bewildered progressives attempting to deal with the reality of a President Donald Trump. To say that they are dumbfounded is an understatement. But their astonishment and confusion as to how this happened is beginning to subside as their hatred and intolerance for conservatives comes to the forefront. They are becoming nasty and vindictive as they realize that middle Americans now have the ball.

Probably the most abusive and offensive attack on conservatives that I have seen, was by Melinda Byerley, a Silicon Valley tech CEO. Byerley is the founder of the Silicon Valley-based startup company, Timeshare CMO, and she has sent this message to middle Americans concerning the disappearance of jobs from the heartland, “One thing middle America could do is to realize that no educated person wants to live in a shithole with stupid people. Especially violent, racist and/or misogynistic ones.”

She continued, “Corporations don’t want to locate call centers, factors, development centers, etc. because they must also deal with the fact that small towns have nothing going for them. No infrastructure, just a few bars and a terrible school system. If you live in middle America and you want jobs, you must clean up your act and make your town a place that people like us want to live in. Add fiber internet and make it a point to elect a progressive city council and commit to not being bigots.”

Byerley advanced her insulting diatribe by adding that she and many other educated people such as herself would like to live in rural areas, but they are not going to sacrifice tolerance or diversity to do so. She stated, “We especially don’t want to live in states where the majority of people are voting for things against their own interests just because they don’t want brown people to thrive.” She ended her tirade by concluding that the best and brightest would rather scrape by in San Francisco than to live in a huge house in an area where it meant dealing with bigots and backward ideologies every day.

First of all, I would like to say “Thank you, Melinda Byerley. You have bolstered the conservative movement more than you could possibly understand. Your over confidence in what you perceive as your superiority over every day Americans can only be described as an unexpected bonus to the Trump victory. You remind us of why we are fighting for this country. You remind us of what our future will be like if we allow you and your fellow elitists to regain control of this nation.”

Melinda Byerley is the quintessential progressive, a product of the progressive indoctrination of upper academia. Her suggestion that small town America is an unevolved primordial hotbed of barbaric ignorance reflects the contempt and prejudice that liberals harbor for mainstream Americans. They despise us and believe the world would be better without us.

Keep in mind that they don’t merely disagree with our outlook on life and want to engage in healthy debate for the good of the country. They aren’t interested in finding common ground from which to maintain a working and social relationship with traditional conservative Americans.

They believe we are imbeciles who embrace a primitive philosophy to life. Barack Obama spoke for all progressives when he asserted that we cling to our guns and religion. But Obama was right in his assessment, except for his omission of the word, “proudly.”

Middle America takes its spirituality seriously, and we take the Second Amendment seriously. And thank goodness we do, since it is apparent that we face threats from the likes of thinkers like Melinda Byerley who is so bat crap crazy that she alleges that we will sacrifice our own best interests in order to assure that brown people suffer. It sounds to me like it’s Byerley who is “gunning” for Middle America.

Until today, I had never heard of Melinda Byerley. But her admitted preference to living in San Francisco and scraping by rather than living among the dung heap of middle Americans in “Smallville, USA,” kinda gives me the impression that she might be a radical lesbian progressive who hates white men, Christmas, and covered dish dinners at church. But that would be stereotyping, wouldn’t it, so I can’t write that.

Heck, I’m not angry with Ms. Byerley. Watching the progressives lose their minds as the conservatives prepare for the inauguration of Donald Trump is quite amusing and enlightening. They are licking their wounds, and preparing for battle against Trump and the Republicans. Byerley is intentionally poking the conservative bear. She wants a fight. Something tells me that she’s going to get one. And something else tells me that she and her leftist comrades are going to lose.

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