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One of the most proverbial and widespread parables is “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.” Not only does it span the ages, but it has a life lesson of which most of us can relate. Lying repetitively completely destroys your credibility. It’s a simple concept to comprehend.

But tell that to the Left. People on the left are immune to life’s moral stories. They are so driven by their “I’m a victim” attitude that they don’t let silly little things like morality interfere with their personal and political agendas. They overlook all sources of wisdom which point us in the right direction. Whether it’s history or a parable, the progressive Left ignores the lesson to be learned.

So, as we would expect, the same ole shenanigans were pulled in the confirmation hearings for Senator Jeff Sessions who has been nominated for Attorney General. And per ususal accusations of racism were made but not in connection with Sessions. No, these allegations of racism were against the hearing process. And they were made by Representative Cedric Richmond, a black Democrat Congressman from Louisiana.

Richmond and Georgia Democrat Representative John Lewis, whom Richmond referred to as a ‘living legend,’ were last on the agenda to testify on the second day of the hearings. And Richmond was quite offended. He was so offended that he said that it was like being made to go to the back of the bus.

Oh I get it now. We need laws that say minorities and people of color may always move to the front of the line. That’s the ticket. We need affirmative action for standing in lines. Hey, I wonder if that means all white people must get their doctors appointments late in the day so that people of color can go first, before lunch? Because if they go after lunch, they might feel like they are on the back of the bus!

Richmond stated in his testimony that he urged the rejection of the Sessions nomination because, “he has no track record of fighting for justice for minorities.” Bad Jeff Sessions, bad!

What if Jeff Sessions has a track record of not oppressing minorities? What if Sessions has a track record of fighting for justice for all people of all colors? What if Jeff Sessions looks beyond race and color at what we call the ‘human race’ instead of the black race or the white race or the purple race?

Is that not okay with you, Mr. Richmond? Is it not preferable for people of all colors to be treated the same. It seems to me that a black man with the name Barack Obama spoke first last night during his farewell address. Mr. Obama was not forced to wait, even though he is black. How could that have happened? Someone must have slipped up.

Blacks and whites like Cedric Richmond belittle racism. They spend their time searching through life with a fine tooth comb for anything they can use to accuse someone of racism. And in doing so, they have desensitized people to real racism.

Racism does exist, but the reality of racism has diminished through the years. Racial harmony has been an ever-growing phenomenon. But men like Cedric Richmond really don’t want the eradication of racism. Because if racism didn’t exist, what would Cedric Richmond and pitiful people like him use for their villain. You can’t be a victim without having a villain.

False allegations of racism are becoming an everyday occurrence. When I hear complaints of racism, I rarely believe them. I see liars. I hear liars. And I have little sympathy for those who continue to see themselves the victims of racism, because I don’t believe them.

If a white person uses the words chicken or watermelon in the same sentence that he is referring to a black person, he is accused of racism. If I said that Cedric Richmond was a prime example of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf,” someone would hold me accountable for a racist slur for using the word ‘boy.’

And frankly, I am not playing by the Left’s rules any longer. My message to the whiny-ass Cedric Richmond, “Cry me a racism river.”

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  1. Cedric is a dumb ass and wont be around long. And he couldn’t kick anyone’s ass if he tried. He just runs his mouth and shows his own ignorance.

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