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Do we dare hold our breath that in nine more days the most constitutionally unfriendly president in history will vacate the White House? I will have to pinch myself as the last piece of Obama’s luggage is carried from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and delivered to the nine bedroom mansion that the Obama’s have purchased for their continued stay in Washington D.C.

Eight insufferable years of social justice, social engineering, and the economic raping of hard-working Americans is finally ending. And the legacy of greatness, which Obama imagines will grace the history books, will be a disgraceful account of a man who plundered America’s exceptionality and reputation.

Four Americans dead in Benghazi, the rise of ISIS, a withering middle class, a twenty trillion dollar debt, an upward spiraling welfare program, the nuclear accommodation of Iran and the radical Islamist theocrats, the betrayal of Israel, the ravaging of the world’s greatest healthcare system, a politicized intelligence program, identity politics, etc. and Barack Obama is finally being forced out of the presidency, but only because of constitutional dictates.

Obama is so out of touch with the American people that he stated just weeks ago that had he run for a third term, he would have won. In all honesty, Barack Obama is far removed from We the People, because he has never had any desire or intentions of listening to us. His agenda, the Progressive/Marxist agenda, is contingent upon changing the entire social, political, and cultural landscape of a country that he views as racist, oppressive, and bigoted.

Barack Obama’s dream has always been to circumvent the will of the American people whom he considers to be ignorant, unrefined, racist, and incapable of self-governance. As an egotistical elite who finds himself most comfortable with Hollywood celebrities and Marxist radicals (as he admitted in his autobiography, “Dreams of My Father”), Obama holds only disdain for those of us who find merit in the United States Constitution and demand our rights as enumerated in the Bill of Rights.

In retrospect, as repressive as Obama’s policies have been, we are escaping his reign with what I consider to be considerably less damage than what I deemed probable. I am in no way suggesting that we survived Obama without severe consequences and damage to our republic. But we were able to contain him enough that we can begin rolling back some of the destructive policy. Yes, it will take years to recover, but we can.

But it absolutely could have been worse. We could have seen a false flag which would have led to a suspended election or postponed transfer of power to Trump. We could have been faced with a third term of Obama via a declaration of martial law. And there could have been a manipulation of the Constitution to enable Obama to run for a third term. Considering the lawlessness that has been the order of the day under the Obama administration and the Democrats, an Obama third term was a real possibility.

Why didn’t Obama pursue the third term that he so desired? I believe he would have if not for the power of the Clintons. Hillary Clinton assumed that she would be the first woman president of the United States. In truth, most Americans, even conservatives, believed that Clinton would win the 2016 presidential election. The media believed she would win.

Hillary felt entitled to the presidency, and the entire Establishment network, including Republicans, assumed that it was her turn. She was too old to wait for another presidential cycle. It was her time. The Democrats did not even bother to run a serious candidate against her in the primaries. In Democrat circles, the word was, “Hillary wins the primary.” And considering the illegal vote, the massive Democrat fraud, and the media bias and anti-conservative propaganda, few people believed that a Republican candidate could win.

Somewhere within the DNC there was an assumption and an unofficial agreement that Hillary would have her day in the Oval Office. Obama was not given permission by the Puppetmasters to stay for a third term. He followed orders.

Also, if you closely observe Barack Obama, he is a lazy man. The guy was a community organizer, for gosh sakes. He was paid to rabble rouse. While he was in Washington, he was vacationing, golfing, and neglecting intelligence briefings. He came to the White House with little experience, no accomplishments, and holes in his background. This man they called the POTUS was not even available when the four Americans in Benghazi were being killed. His whereabouts to this day are still unknown.

Barack Obama is a figurehead. He represents someone else, not the American people. But had he been cut from the same ‘energizer bunny’ cloth as Donald Trump, there’s no telling as to the irreparable damage he would have wrought. If he had a work ethic, his list of ‘dastardly deed’ accomplishments would have been a lot more unforgiving and irreversible.

Author Ed Klein is reporting that Barack Obama will be using his new residence in Washington D. C. as headquarters for a nationwide political movement against Donald Trump. The first meeting will be a post-inaugural gathering at Obama’s mansion with attendees such as James Carville, Nancy Pelosi, and Donna Brazille. Yes, that is the same Donna Brazille who cheated in the Clinton-Trump debate by giving Hillary the questions. But hey, what difference does it make? The Democrats have never claimed to be honest!

The progressive powers-that-be are investing in Obama once again in hopes of holding onto some semblance of control and authority in Washington D.C. With Obama they have an agent of influence for their anti-Trump campaign. Obama’s job will be to prevent the unraveling of his own legacy. He will fail in this mission to stop Trump, and his legacy will be archives of disastrous policy blunders.

Try as he may to find relevance in Washington following the Trump inauguration, Obama will discover that he is just another former president, and nobody really cares what he thinks or wants. His presidency was toxic to the republic. Hopefully Donald J. Trump is the anecdote.

It is past time for Barack Obama to leave us. OBAMA BE GONE!


  1. Barack Obama’s dream has always been to circumvent the will of the American people whom he considers to be ignorant, unrefined, racist, and incapable of self-governance. The perfect discription of his followers .

  2. Judy, I have never read one of your posts that I didn’t like or disagreed with. But this one may be your best. I look for them to outdo the Clintons on stealing national treasures as they leave the White House.

  3. I’m sure that when they move their personal belongings and “luggage” it will be the largest collection of Hefty Lawn and Leaf bags the movers have ever seen!

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