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If I made a list of things I like about Donald Trump, the very first item on the list would be his willingness to fight. Donald Trump is not going to allow himself to be mistreated or unfairly maligned by anyone and especially the media. Rather than to ignore the attacks or cower to the image makers, he cuts them down to size when they go on the offensive.

For decades I have been infuriated by the Republicans’ willingness to accept the media assaults without as much as challenging the media’s progressive agenda. Their passivity has resulted in an emboldened media which has taken their lies to the level of fake news.

Donald Trump may have many traits which are not appealing to me, but for this time in history and considering the enemy that the conservatives are up against, he is proving to be the right man to stop the globalists. Or I should say, he is proving to be the man who will not allow the globalists to stop him.

And nothing speaks any better to my point than Trump’s takedown of the abusive and media elites. Trump is taking control of his own message and in doing so, he has the media and the entire Left in a tailspin. Their bullying tactics no longer work. He punishes them for their lies by refusing to respond to their questions. He calls them out as liars. And most importantly, he dismisses them as the sniveling pack of deceptive phony journalists that they are.

Donald Trump’s combative relationship with the media is becoming a refreshing contrast to the meek and mild Republican leadership whom have been led around by a ring in their nose by the media for several decades. “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em,” and that’s exactly what the Republican Establishment did. They joined forces with the mainstream media. This alliance kept them in power within their own party, and it safeguarded them from public scrutiny, unless of course, they moved over the red line and challenged a progressive Democrat. At that point, all bets were off. Their unwillingness to fight the political opposition was in essence an appeasement which transitioned into a collusion.

But Trump has turned the tables. Rather than to play defense and surrender, he is playing offense and doubling down. This is the way Trump has always won, and it is the way that we can win. Trump’s defiance against a progressive establishment that has penetrated every aspect of our culture and every social institution, has brought chaos among the progressives. It is the strategy that they cannot effectively fight, and they know it.

The progressives, who have never needed to play defense, are suddenly thrust into the position of defending themselves and their pitiful and amoral ideology. And they can’t, because their philosophy is a debasement of humanity. They are becoming demoralized and beginning to panic.

During a press conference yesterday afternoon, Donald Trump refused to take a question by CNN’s Jim Acosta, and he called CNN out for a fake news story released by CNN that morning. Trump was blunt, to the point, and in charge as he scolded Acosta.

Later that afternoon, back at Fox News, Fox liberal Shepard Smith rebuked Trump’s actions by asserting that Trump had been ‘mean’ to Acosta. Acosta and his buddies at CNN had publicized negative, false information about the newly elected president, and Trump is being ‘mean’ for refusing to give them the floor at his press conference?

These media people who are whining about being mistreated are the same people who use their deceptive journalism to destroy the lives of people whom they deem a threat to their globalization agenda. They like to throw the punch and then cry when someone has the audacity to punch back.

Conservatives need to be smart. They should be carefully observing Trump’s gameplan and taking notes. He is showing the normally docile conservatives how the fight is won. He is doing a great job, but there is coming a time when Donald Trump cannot do this by himself. The Left is going to rise up, and when they do, the conservatives had better be ready to take their cue from Donald Trump. If they don’t, they will have only themselves to blame in the aftermath.

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  1. For MANY years, I have despised the way my pansy Republicans have let the media push them around. Anybody remember the wuss of all wusses Mitt Romney… let ABC’s Candy C push him around like a rag doll in a debate (admittedly she has the beef to do so 😁). Look at Mike Pence…a Great guy who is so meek around the press. Please, please follow Mr Trump’s example and get some kahoonas!

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