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I am neither obsessed with sex nor am I obsessed with the transgender community. But I am most definitely and without a doubt preoccupied with the safety and future of our children and their mental health. And it is for this reason that I must continue with my pursuit to alert others as to the dangers that the LBGT community are imposing on our children.

If the LBGT crowd was concerned specifically with their own civil rights and their personal freedoms to live their lives as they choose, I would have no issue with their self advocacy. I have a ‘live and let live’ philosophy, as long as there is no coercion by a special interest group to persuade innocent children.

But the LBGT movement has an agenda much more wide reaching than to advocate for themselves. They are promoting gender fluidity and the termination of the binary sex for mankind. The Left wants a genderless society and a celebration of our sexual selves while simultaneously abandoning our spirituality.

In other words, they want all of us to forfeit our souls to the sexual revolution. Yes, it sounds crazy, and that’s because it is crazy. But crazy and madness are merely hiccups in the world of the progressives. It’s who they are.

All left-wing programs are advanced through our educational systems. What better way to indoctrinate than to use a captive audience of children who are innocent and ignorant to the ways of the world, who are trusting in the wisdom of all adults, and who are searching for their own unique path in life. As Rush Limbaugh would say, “They are skulls of mush” just waiting to be molded. And unfortunately, it has been the liberals who are first in line to do the brain sculpting.

As a teacher of middle school children, I understand the deep emotional confusion that many children enter during puberty. It can be a very dark and frightening time for them in today’s world as they are bombarded with propaganda from every facet of their lives. These children are being exploited, in the name of gender fluidity, by the LBGT community, in alliance with the progressive movement, and they are being compelled to look outside of their normal heterosexual selves and to embrace alternative sex. It is disgusting, and it should be a criminal offense on the part of the parties damaging the psyches of these vulnerable children.

It is now being reported that an American donor is financing a poster campaign in northern Spain which illustrates naked children with genitalia of the opposite sex, holding hands and running together. The poster reads, “Some Girls Have Penises and Some Boys Have Vaginas.” The poster was created by the transgender advocacy group Chrysallis Euskal Herria. The group’s spokesman said that the poster is to raise awareness of transgender children. They want to approach the topic of transgender children in a normal way. Can you say NUTS?

The groups defended the depiction of the boys with vaginas and girls with penises by saying that ‘nature isn’t a photocopying machine.” Two of the world’s leading psychiatrists released a report last summer in which they said that 95% of children who think they are the opposite sex change their minds by the time they reach adulthood. Yet, the transgender community is insisting that we begin the transitioning of gender on children as young as five years old.

Transgender ideology is being forced on our children both subtly and aggressively. And many of them are ‘ripe for the pickings’ of these deviant predators.

Remaining silent while perverts prey on our children is not an option. Stop the influx of gender identity propaganda making its way into our schools. In the name of God, stand up and fight for our children!

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