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There are so many fronts in the war against progressivism that it is difficult to stay informed on the countless number of threats to our world. It becomes mentally exhausting to not only identify the many antagonists, but to comprehend their objectives and their strategies for destroying life as we know it. Most normal thinking people deny the nefarious nature and mindset of the liberals, because the liberals are void of reasoning. It is rational to refute the preposterous.

Progressives are far more radical than the garden variety liberal. Unfortunately, the typical liberal feeds the progressive agenda with his vote and with his ignorance. Liberals must abandon logic to accept the platform of the Democrat Party. So, they are well-disciplined in their training to shut down all factual debate. They ignore details, facts, and blatant truths. It’s who they are. But they are also weak-minded individuals who buy into propaganda. So, what was at one time a liberal individual easily transforms into a progressive extremist. To put it bluntly, liberals wrote the book on “Monkey See, Monkey Do.”

A normal-thinking moral person has to question as to why the Left (Progressives, Liberals) are obsessed with promiscuous and deviant sex. If you think logically as to what purpose it serves to expose our children to incessant acts of lewd and lascivious sexual behavior via the entertainment industry and even through sexual education programs in progressive schools, you can conclude that there are no worthwhile or respectable outcomes to this assault on our children’s innocence.

Interrupting the virginal and uncorrupted childhood of kids, who have not yet even reached puberty, to plant the seeds of sexual images in their minds is cruel and twisted. It serves no purpose to instill sexual knowledge into the mind of a small child who is barely weaned from his mother’s breast.

Why would any society of moral adults want to explain ‘masturbation’ to kindergartners? Why would elementary school children be instructed on the art of applying a condom? Yet progressives ignore all developmentally appropriate criteria for sex education and introduce bizarre concepts of sexual behaviors. Without a doubt, progressives have made the case for the family-first culture warriors who fought the introduction of sex education into the school systems in the first place.

Baby Boomers and most of their offspring have recollections of the days when growing up, especially in the pre-adolescent years, was the fanciful season of castles in the air. Imaginary romances, endless opportunities, and a pie in the sky were all a reality in our fabulous fantastical minds. Anything was possible.

Prior to the progressives getting their filthy hands on the educational system, childhood was a time of the heart. We loved with the heart. We felt with the heart. We listened to our hearts. We were very aware of our soul within.

Those formative years were the moments when we were connecting with our hearts, minds, and souls. While we were curious as to our sexuality as we approached puberty, we were grounding ourselves in our spiritual selves. The adults around us ensured that we had the space and social filters to grow in an orderly fashion. There was an unspoken knowledge that we nourished the soul so that we could responsibly manage our physical selves.

Spirituality always preceded sexuality because we knew we were Children of God. Except for the deviants of society, who invaded the lives of children and stole their innocence, kids were inspired by adults who were actually mature and loved their children. The notion of mothers who could take the lives of their own children was beyond rational thinking.

Progressives cannot finish their mission of erasing humanity from mankind without replacing the soul with a complete dedication to the physical self. And to do this they have purposely focused on the most pleasurable component of our physical being, that being sexuality. Convincing the masses to embrace their sexual selves at the expense of their spiritual selves is not a difficult task.

Baby Boomers and many of their offspring are the stumbling blocks in the path of the progressives. They are waiting patiently for the demise of these generations. And while they wait, they are busy indoctrinating the younger generations and preparing them for the culmination which is mankind’s dehumanization.

If kindergartners can be taught and programmed to think physically rather than soulfully and spiritually, they will be prime for the next stage of the process to eradicate morality from the culture. Morality must be abandoned to usher in transhumanism.

Humans beings are the guinea pigs for the most demonic and diabolical social experimentation in the history of mankind.

Transhumanism! It is real! Do not doubt! It must be stopped! ………to be continued

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