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The average conservative has no comprehension as to the scope of progressivism. They know it is an ideology that results in totalitarianism and oppression, but as for the means and ultimate goal of the philosophy, they are ignorant, through no fault of their own. And that was as it was designed. Keeping the masses uninformed and misinformed concerning the events occurring around them, which are directly linked to the transformation of the world powers, was premeditated. The mask revealing the face of progressivism was never intended to come off until the eleventh hour.

By definition, progressivism is “a broad philosophy based on the ‘Idea of Progress,’ which asserts that advancement in science, technology, economic development, and social organization are vital to improving the human condition.” The characterization of the ideology is deliberately misleading so as to allow for radical ideas.

When you dissect the description of progressivism, the ideology appears completely innocuous. Who could object to ‘ideas of progress?’ Who can argue with the use of science and technology to improve the human condition? The specifics of ‘economic development’ and ‘social organization’ are rather ambiguous, but they sound good, right? Unfortunately, economic development and social organization are not-so-transparent words which portray a positive image but represent a nefarious objective in the progressive circles. Worldwide redistribution of wealth and gender fluidity are hidden objectives in the permissive interpretation of economic development and social organization. As the definition notes, it is a “broad” philosophy, and the terminology is purposely phrased to allow for radicalism.

What is the ultimate objective of the progressives? I honestly don’t think they know themselves. The ideology is so flawed that it invites chaos within its own established camps. The tenets of this wicked philosophy oppose themselves. An example would be the feminist radicals who believe that women have the ultimate rights of life, including the murder of their unborn, and in some cases, born children. Yet, these same strident radical progressives embrace the Muslim migrants who bring with them a vicious and brutal oppression of women. Likewise, the LBGT community supports the Muslims migrants who bring with them the Islamic belief that gays should be killed. To suggest that progressives are the preeminent examples of cognitive dissonance would be an understatement.

It goes without saying that if you are interested in understanding the ideology of progressivism, you will need to step outside the box of normal thinking and reasoning. And even then, you will not comprehend the philosophy, but you will have a better perspective as to how to protect yourself and loved ones from the devastation of progressivism. Know thy enemy is rule number one in survival!

Transhumanism is one of the fundamental objectives of progressives, and they have done an impressive job of concealing this movement from the masses. The definition of Transhumanism is, “an international and intellectual movement that aims to transform the human condition by developing widely available sophisticated technologies to greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities.”

The description of Transhumanism is obviously a byproduct of progressivism. The reference to technology and human condition are keys to the nature of this movement. Pay special attention to the specifics such as ‘transform the human condition.’ It didn’t say ‘better the human condition.’ It specifically says ‘transform,’ because the intentions are to ‘revolutionize’ and ‘reconstruct’ mankind. In other words, man will no longer be man. He will be a technological advancement void of his humanity.

Transhumanism is a social (remember the social organization in the definition of progressivism) movement which uses radical science to improve the human species. Transhumanists acknowledge that it is a radical plan. Unfortunately for normal people, there is little exposure to this movement which springs from progressivism.

As I have written, the progressives plan to eradicate the human soul. The soul interferes with the ability to implement Transhumanism into reality. As of now, they are in the early stages of dehumanization. They have made great strides by convincing the masses that sex and the physical self supersede spiritual needs.

By reversing the characterization of gender identity disorder as an emotional illness to a legitimate condition, they have set in motion a critical component to the progressive and Transhumanism movement. There can be no absolutes.

If the progressives allow for any ‘without a doubt’ thinking, they shoot themselves in the foot. And that is why it is imperative that they always embrace the bizarre and absurd. Confusion and mental instability are key components to keeping their enemies off guard. What could be more confusing than to destroy the absolute reality of the binary sex.

The absoluteness of male and female, except for a few freaks of nature, has always been unquestionable. By convincing the people that there are multiple possibilities for sexual identity, the progressives score a twofer. They advance Transhumanism by focusing on physical self, and they advance their agenda to destroy the human soul.

Progressives must rely on their doctrine of irrelevant truth to accomplish their dastardly objectives. Progressivism is an ideology which thrives only on deception. It cannot survive or exist in a world of morality. Immorality must be the accepted rule in their world.

Truth is relevant. Righteousness and righteous behavior are to be ridiculed. Principles are discarded. If you examine the Democrat platform, you will notice that there are no principles for which they base their belief system. Every specific Democrat-supported issue can be traced to a system of chaotic thinking.

We are at the crossroads. Only with a godly people can we stop this wicked enemy known as progressivism. And they can only be stopped by a populace who understand their motives and their objectives. If you choose to remain ignorant on these issues, you will eventually succumb to the indoctrination which is everywhere and soon to be in the air we breathe.

I urge everyone to educate yourselves on these enemies. Inform your friends and families. Know your enemy. Because if you don’t, they will steal the souls of your children and grandchildren!

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