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Dear Media Elite;

From the moment that Donald Trump entered the presidential race as a GOP candidate, the mainstream media elite in conjunction with the Washington and political establishments ridiculed his candidacy. He was a buffoon. He was not to be taken seriously. But you wanted to capitalize on his outrageousness while the fun lasted. If nothing else, he was a great story. Covering Trump was going to be a hoot.

You disrespected the man while using him to bolster your careers. And in your coverage you revealed your utter contempt for the man who did not fit the progressive image of a presidential candidate. Trump was not the progressive sophisticate with years of experience at political spin. He was not the articulate Obama who took his cues from a teleprompter. He was merely Donald Trump, a boastful man but one who made no efforts to hide his flaws.

And who you misread as an easy mark to discredit has become the next sitting President of the United States. Despite all of your efforts to destroy his campaign, and in defiance of your attempts to derail his nomination, he spit in your face. As your assaults on his character became more vicious, he refused to back pedal. In spite of your army of biased and deceptive reporters, Donald Trump counter-attacked with his own message.

From the start of his presidential campaign, Trump defied all of your aspirations to mold his image. And for the first time in decades, the media elite lost their role as kingmaker. Trump took control of his own message via Twitter. Rather than to rely on your inexcusable interpretations of his agenda for America, he went straight to the people. He didn’t mince words. He didn’t sugarcoat his comments. He circumvented your undertakings to misquote and misrepresent his statements.

I can imagine your frustrations and bewilderment as you have failed to not only usher into the presidency your progressive candidate Hillary Clinton, but to break the resolve and reputation of Donald Trump as well. For the first time in modern politics, you have become the joke.

The media lost command of the political conversation. Having lost all regard for journalistic ethics, you became a part of the story. You became the narrative in a tale about a corrupt establishment empowered by an unscrupulous and vicious network of unprofessional correspondents within a villainous media empire.

When the American people voted against Hillary Clinton and for Donald Trump, they were also casting their votes in opposition to the elite media who had made their bed at the altar of the progressive Left. The American people have lost all faith in you, and your abilities and responsibilities to inform the public as intended by the Founding Fathers.

For truth-seeking Americans, you are the enemy of freedom, not the watchmen on the wall who were designated as the Fourth Estate to safeguard our liberties. You have made the news about you and about your personal political partisanship, which is overwhelmingly Democrat.

Now, as Donald Trump makes good on his promise to drain the Washington swamp of the parasites which feed off of celebrity and mercenary promises, you are stunned and feigning persecution as he calls you out for the bloodsuckers that you are. You thought that after callously disregarding his candidacy and after floating fake news in attempts to delegitimize his victory, Trump would continue to elevate you to your previous stature as unquestionable royals.

How shocked you must be to discover that Trump does not view you as above reproach. To the contrary, he considers you to be the scum on the pond. And his vision is perfect.

I am delighted that the man, who is only four days away from taking his oath of office as the forty-fifth President of the United States, has decided that the elite White House correspondents are not worthy of being the only journalists with such easy access to the president. Trump is opening his press briefings to the vilified media and bloggers who are more concerned with the truth than a partisan political agenda. And to do so, he must rattle your aristocratic social club.

It is sweet, oh so very sweet, to watch you squeal with indignation as you must contend with rubbing shoulders with those whom you consider to be your inferiors. Dare I suggest that there may be journalists in the mix who actually cling to their religion and guns.

Alas, I would venture to suggest that your days of laughing at Donald Trump just may be over. There is a price to pay for lying about and mocking Donald Trump, and you are getting ready to make that first payment. You, the elite media are the laughing stock of the nation now. Trump has had the last laugh after all!

Yours Truly,
The Rattlesnake Patriot

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