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Tomorrow tells the tale of just how low the Left will go. To say that they have been ‘poor losers’ would be akin to comparing cancer to the common cold. The Democrats have reacted to Donald Trump’s presidential victory with a pathetic and infantile madness. The celebrity rants, the college cry rooms, puppies for Democrats on Capitol Hill, Democrat lawmakers refusing to attend the inauguration, and designers refusing to dress Melania Trump are just the tip of the crybabies’ iceberg.

This should be of no surprise as Liberals always think emotionally. They vote with their emotions, and they make policy with their little, tiny baby feelings. Expecting Democrats to behave with decorum and remain strong when defeated at the ballot box is unrealistic thinking.

The Democrat tantrums are just ramping up, and as the inauguration has gotten closer, they have intensified. They are promising resistance to the Trump administration and his inauguration day. But will they be successful? There is no doubt that the far Left Medea Benjamin-type Liberals will attend the inauguration and try to disrupt the festivities. Whether violence erupts is questionable.

We do know that there will be twenty thousand security officials in Washington D.C. for Donald Trump’s Inauguration. The authorities have taken every precaution known to man to prepare for catastrophic events and lone wolf actors. The most stringent security procedures have been engaged, which includes a military presence.

The Democrats are promising ‘resistance.’ They have clarified their agenda to bring as much chaos upon the day’s events as possible. They have promised that they will bring hundreds of thousands of protesters to the inauguration to counter the hundreds of thousands of Trump supporters who will be attending.

These protesters are planning to set up blockades, disrupt the inaugural balls, and bring about as much chaos as possible so that Donald Trump is inaugurated amidst great chaos. That’s fine and dandy, but the inauguration of Trump will go on, so I assume they will also bring their boxes of tissue.

It will make for great theater as the chaos will be met with law enforcement who will not be interested in the crying fits of the Liberals. They will forcefully stop the protesters if needed. These protesters need to remember that their actions can be viewed as a threat to the President of the United States, which is a serious offense.

But law enforcement will not be the only group present which intends on defending Donald Trump. “Bikers For Trump” will be attending the inauguration. The spine of these bikers are veterans who are not unaccustomed to confrontation and violence. They will not tolerate obstruction or intimidation from the Left.

Chris Cox, founder of “Bikers for Trump,” released a statement in which he said that his group has a strict code of conduct in which they don’t condone violence. However, he added that they are use to being outnumbered, and they are prepared to form a “wall of meat” to stop those who think they will break through a police barricade or assault Trump supporters. In other words, they will confront violence if needed.

Earlier this week a video was uncovered in which protesters discussed plans to use butyric acid at inaugural balls. Butyric acid is used in the making of ‘stink bombs,’ and while it is not fatal, it can result in skin burns, burning eyes, abdominal pain, etc.

Will the Left carry through with their promises or could it be that these threats are nothing more than the antics of terrorist-minded individuals on the Left? Personally, I believe that the individuals on the Left are too weak to engage in many activities which will get them tossed in jail or possibly shot.

Keep in mind, we are talking about the same people that had to stay home from work after Trump was elected. These are the emotional weaklings who needed to drink hot chocolate and color in coloring books to recover from the thoughts of a Trump presidency. They are the individuals that needed grief counseling to prevent a mental breakdown over Hillary Clinton’s defeat. They are offended by almost everything in life.

The Liberals are the people who are afraid of words. They hide under blankets when they lose elections. They are the weakest Americans, if you can even call them Americans. Will they really try to tear down barricades to disrupt a president’s nomination when military security bearing AK47s are standing in front of them?

Anything can happen tomorrow. But it seems that the worst catastrophes never occur when expected. They seem to catch us unaware.

“The Resistance,” as they like to call themselves, is nothing more than a group of hoodlums, many who are being funded by George Soros, and they want to portray themselves as a tough organization of freedom fighters. They are weaklings and bullies. They do not want to confront the twenty thousand armed security agents nor do they want to mess with the Bikers for Trump and their ‘wall of meat.’

Tomorrow could bring an anticipated showdown between the Left and the Right. But most likely it will be a smooth transition of power with isolated skirmishes throughout the city.

What else could possibly happen when the ‘Crybabies meet the wall of meat?”

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