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When Barack Obama was elected to office, I was extremely disappointed. But for the sake of education, fairness, and morality, my classes in school all watched his inauguration. I was not going to deprive my students the opportunity to learn from historical moments, even if it meant disagreeing with the man who would be leading the nation for the next four years.

As passionate as I am about my conservative views, I have never divulged my political affiliation nor my voting record to my students. The kids would beg me to tell them, but I have adamantly refused to use my platform in front of a captive audience to indoctrinate innocent minds. I stick to the issues, present ‘all’ of the facts and hope that the children can come to a logical conclusion using their critical thinking.

I save my soapbox for my writing, discussion with friends, and sometimes for not-so-friendly debates on facebook. I may be a ‘deplorable,’ but I deplore teachers who use their position to push their own political agendas via propaganda. And I must add that I have seen this many times through the years, and it has always been a liberal pushing the Democrat talking points. Every. Single. Time.

Yesterday, it was reported on Fox News that conservative parents across the country were upset that their children’s schools were not broadcasting Donald Trump’s inauguration. Liberal teachers were freezing out the opportunity for kids to experience and learn from the inauguration.

Understanding how our country transitions power at the executive branch of government is a fundamental component of civic responsibility. Our children need to recognize and understand the roles of those who execute the presidential and vice-presidential oaths of office. They need to experience, even if only by media, the festivities and formality of this solemn occasion. How can we pass tradition and knowledge down to our children if we hide the things we don’t like from them?

I had my own experience with a liberal teacher who was quite unhappy about the election of Donald Trump. And she was just as unhappy that there were those of us who were wanting to watch the inauguration.

During lunch, a group of conservative teachers gathered in a public spot to watch the inauguration of Donald Trump, in particular his oath of office. A liberal passed through the room, looked at the television, set her shoulders squarely and stopped while saying curtly, “I’m not watching this.” Not one person in the room responded. We were polite and continued watching the events without as much as a cross word or comeback.

A few minutes later, the same liberal came through the room again, looked at the television, acted disgusted and walked into another room. Keep in mind that there was another door to the room in which she entered. It was her choice to walk back through where we were enjoying the festivities.

She warmed her lunch, and rather than exit the door from the room in which she had prepared her lunch, she came back into the room where we were watching the young Jackie Evancho sing the national anthem. She looked at Evancho. She stopped dead in her tracks with the same ole disgusted expression. Trump’s face flashed across the screen, and she stomped her foot and indignantly stormed from the room with another “I’m not watching this.”

I admit that it was on the tip of my tongue to say, “Okay we got it, and nobody asked you,” but I tried to be gracious and abstained. None of the conservatives in the room as much as hinted at irritation towards this woman. We noted to each other our continued amazement of the immature antics of liberals. But we all knew that this liberal was wanting us to ‘know’ that she didn’t like Trump. As if we cared.

I describe this occurrence, because it is such a typical liberal moment. Liberals have no class. They have no room in their minds or hearts for the opinions of others. They have no room in their lives for fair play. It is their way or the proverbial highway.

We see it in the media, in the Democrat leadership, in Hollywood, and in the ravaged streets following a Democrat protest. They are a breed of their own.

As the Trump administration begins to walk back Obama’s unconstitutional policies, liberal tantrums will increase. And as Jackie Gleason would say, “HOW SWEET IT IS!”

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