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There are windows of opportunity that open in life, but man makes his mistake when he either fails to recognize them or hesitates to climb through. At that moment in time the circumstances are favorable for grand experiences. As some would say, “the stars have lined up,” but I prefer to think of them as God’s nudge, His elbow in our side.

They are those moments when you are waiting to cross a busy highway, the traffic breaks for a few seconds, and your mind screams at you, “NOW! NOW! NOW! GO NOW!” But you hesitate because you fear that you can’t make it. You pause for only a second, and a truck appears on the horizon, and your chance is lost. All successes in life are determined by recognizing and jumping when that rope hits the ground. And if you don’t, you trip up, and you are out of the game.

Yesterday’s inauguration of President Donald Trump was the opening of a window. Conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians, and many Americans who have longed for the day that our leaders would bring justice and sanity back to governance, witnessed Trump’s speech which was indicative of a man with determination and resolve.

And President Trump wasted no time in tending to his promises as within minutes of the finale of his inauguration parade, he signed an executive order beginning the roll back of Obamacare. There should be little question but that Trump intends to follow through with his campaign promises.

But Trump’s promises are not enough. The job of restoring America is monumental and far larger than the capabilities of just one man. It is not President Donald Trump’s job to ‘Make America Great Again.” It is our job. Trump is merely the leader of the movement. He sets the direction and calls the plays, but he cannot run the plays. We do that.

Conservatives by nature are not aggressive individuals who welcome the fight. They tend to be more reserved and prefer to engage in niceties and avoid confrontation. Conservatives like to make excuses for their lack of passion by pointing to their responsibilities; their kids, their jobs, their lack of time, etc. But if conservatives expect to change the direction of this country, they must devise a personal plan to get involved. Liberty must be a priority.

President Trump’s inauguration day was glorious as we were able to realize that a possible change is coming. But yesterday’s feel good moments were fleeting. There are many days of frustration and anger ahead of us.

The Democrats will be obstructing every piece of legislation that they can effectively block. They will use tactics which are unethical, illegal, deceptive, and undignified to stop Trump and his agenda. The mainstream media will run interference for these Democrat obstructionists. And per usual, the media will use fake news to push the progressive program.

The conservative movement reminds me of my alma mater, West Virginia University, and their football team. They will have a great season and get to the Bowl game and choke. They just can’t seem to adhere to the same momentum after they arrive as they did on the way to the top. And might I add, that just as the media bashes Republicans, the sports announcers love to get their digs on WVU.

Losing the weight is easier than maintaining the weight loss. After the initial excitement of having the new body wears off, most people fall back on old habits. But conservatives cannot afford to fall back on old habits. We must develop a successful maintenance program. We stopped Hillary Clinton, but somewhere out there in Democrat Land is another sleazebag Democrat just waiting to continue on with the progressive agenda. And if given the opportunity, there is no doubt in my mind that these people will go to extreme measures to return to the days Of Obama. Prayers for President Trump!

If conservatives fail to stay involved in the political process, if conservatives fail to remain passionate about their individual liberties, and if conservatives let their guard down for even one moment, they will lose this opportunity to make our Founders proud.

We have what is tantamount to that last go around to make things right in America. Our window is open, but the Progressives and Establishment are forcefully pulling to shut it, and they will smash our fingers if we don’t keep it wide open.

This moment is ours! Embrace it!

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  1. I can’t speak for others, but this is a new experience for me, and a whole new perspective. My involvement in politics was minimal up until 10 or 12 years ago. Since the point in time when I started paying attention, it seemed we were always holding the losing hand. Finding ourselves on the top of the pile is new and exciting, as well as uncharted waters for most of us newbies. Your leadership will be critical in the coming times, as I suspect the R’s in D.C. will line up with the D’s in D.C. to obstruct any change to the way business is conducted there.

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