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One hundred years ago the women’s movement was focused on women’s suffrage. The right to vote was not only a worthy demand but a just and righteous cause. It launched women from their status of second class citizens.

The 1960s ushered in a broader extension of the women’s movement and targeted sex discrimination in the workplace, including demands for paid maternity leave, equal pay, and equal educational and employment opportunities. In the 1970s the Equal Rights Amendment was passed, Title IX ended sex discrimination in schools, and Roe V Wade became the law of the land.

After Roe V Wade, the women’s movement, also known as the feminists, became a political movement on steroids. Women became the stooges who served the purpose of forwarding the Marxist agenda. They were cleverly manipulated into accepting the devastating and obscene schemes of the progressive globalists who were intent on destroying the family. Who better to exploit in a quest for domination over the family life than the matriarch herself. I reiterate that the Left may be amoral, but they are deceptively clever.

From the passage of Roe V. Wade, feminists became obsessed with abortion. A woman’s right to abortion anytime and anywhere highlighted the women’s demands. And of course they made their demands in the name of equality. Although, I’m pretty sure, the babies’ equal rights were never considered.

And then the feminists grabbed hold of another vine which was dangling from the fruited tree of Eden. They demanded their rights to promiscuous sexuality. They forwarded their plan to liberate women from the sanctity of marriage and from the bonds of maternal instincts. Feminists encouraged lesbianism. They promoted abortion.

Almost a hundred years has passed since the women’s movement cut real teeth. Women have managed to destroy the blessedness of family life, create emotional weaklings in their children, disrespect themselves with indiscriminate sexual behavior, embrace the dismemberment of their own babies, applaud the selling of baby parts by Planned Parenthood, and proudly boast their own liberation from male oppression.

Yesterday, on the Washington Mall, Americans witnessed the culmination of feminism and the sleazebags who pride themselves on the wickedness of the movement. Liberal women from across America marched in the nation’s capitol to show their displeasure for the newly elected president. But the women just didn’t march with their reprobate signs.

They used the opportunity to stand on the sacred soil, where great men gave breath to the greatest nation in the existence of mankind, and they talked filthy. Yes, the idea of liberty to liberal women is to flaunt their sexuality and ability to be nasty. Ain’t life grand, ladies!

Madonna gave a profanity-laced speech in which she included her desire to blow up the White House. What kind of woman would be proud to stand in solidarity with Madonna? But it only gets worse!

Actress Ashley Judd, whom I assume has experienced a mental breakdown or needs an exorcism, gave a soliloquy called “I am Nasty.” Judd screamed of blood on bedsheets, menstrual blood on her underwear, and pus*ies being for pleasure. Her mantra of “I am Nasty” was reiterated extensively as she got down into the smut, or should I say nucleus of the women’s movement. And as expected, the women in the crowd began cheering her on and chanting, “I am nasty!”

To say that liberal women can’t think for themselves is an understatement. Not only are their minds a conglomeration of potters’ clay and play dough, but they are proverbial fools who took the serpent at his word.

Yesterday’s display at the nation’s capital was an embarrassment to dignified and virtuous women everywhere.


  1. This is so well written and, as you know, very close to my heart. Thank you so much for continuing to speak truth in the midst of our incredible deceit-driven culture! Praying women will wake up to the fact that they are being manipulated down the path of self destruction…

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