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While discussing President Donald Trump’s inaugural address on CBS’s “Face the Nation” this morning, Lindsey Graham confessed that he did not understand what Trump’s message “America First’ meant. Golly, Lindsey. I’m just a little perplexed here. It’s as easy as one, two, three.

Apparently, Little Lindsey missed school on the days his kindergarten class learned numerical order and ordinal numbers. He’s having difficulty comprehending what the word ‘first’ means. I would assume he understands what ‘America’ means. After all, Little Lindsey is now a sitting senator.

But as a RINO in the Washington Establishment Graham probably has had no point of reference to which he put America first. The Republican and Democrat Elites have been so preoccupied pacifying the Global Elites that they have given little thought to actually putting America first. I’m sure it is a foreign concept to the South Carolina Senator.

Little Lindsey desperately needs a lesson in what putting ‘America first’ means. In fact, maybe the entire Congress needs a lesson on putting ‘America first.’ How complicated is the concept of giving American-made jobs to Americans? How complex is it to realize that taking American tax dollars to fund nuclear programs in Iran just might be detrimental to the economic well-being and national security of Americans? Putting ‘America first’ would necessarily mean preventing unvetted Muslim migrants from entering the United States of America for the sake of national security.

Allowing illegal immigrants to receive welfare benefits and free healthcare is not putting ‘America first’. Sacrificing American lives for political wars is not putting ‘America first.’ Using American tax dollars for nation building while American infrastructure is crumbling is not putting ‘America first.’

Little Lindsey doesn’t get it. We the People are charitable. We want to help the indigent people of the world. We want to assist them in developing better healthcare programs. We want to teach them agricultural techniques to better feed their families. We want to share our knowledge of technology to help them improve their lifestyles. We want to expose the people of the world to the western way of life and the liberties which accompany our culture.

Yet poor Little Lindsey Graham is struggling with understanding the simple concept of putting ‘America first.” It’s becoming more and more evident as to why he has failed to serve the American people properly. He flunked math in kindergarten!


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