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Deep down we have known that the divide between the progressive left and the conservative right is unprecedented historically in respect to a post Civil War modern age era. We have had hopes that by electing a non-establishment Republican to the White House, we could at the very least delay the progressive, globalist movement. And it will. It will delay them. But it will not stop the movement.

Unfortunately, as we watch President Trump attempt to carry through with his promises to grow the economy, deliver jobs to an ailing job market, bring back our world class healthcare system, repair a broken educational system, shut down the open borders, etc., we are going to experience the increased wrath of the Left, which will be a vicious display of chaos and violence.

The Democrat Party has become an organization of sleazy and ignorant individuals who are void of coherent thought. They have no principles from which to form their opinions, and they have no direction in which to go. They are truly soulless bitter people who represent the weakest minded people of mankind. They are easily manipulated and exploited as they do the work of the demonic progressives.

On President Trump’s Inauguration Day, the Left as predicted, rioted and behaved with incivility. This was expected, and law enforcement controlled the chaos.

Yesterday, the unhinged liberals marched in the streets of Washington with their crowd of five hundred thousand people. They rallied on the National Mall as celebrity speakers declared war on Donald Trump and his supporters.

When Barack Obama won the presidency in 2008, conservatives were disappointed and disillusioned. They petitioned their Congressmen, and they organized with civil consideration for their political adversaries. The Tea Parties rallied peacefully with respect to their surroundings and the political process.

At no time has an assembly of conservatives turned violent or vicious. At no time has vulgarity been accepted by the general crowd of a conservative assemblage. I once attended a conservative rally on the Washington Mall. Several hundred conservatives were in attendance. One man was holding a sign which was obscene in respect to Obama. The people around the man insisted that he either put the sign away or leave the crowd.

Conservatives by nature abhor violence and demand decorum which is underscored in the United States Constitution. Unlike their Democrat counterparts, they are loyal to the tenets of the Constitution which command a lawful populace. Democrats, on the other hand, have no issues with stepping outside the confines of the law to advance their agenda.

And nothing speaks better to the violent and criminal elements of the Democrat Party than Madonna. During her speech at the National Mall yesterday, she admitted to the crowd and media that she had serious considerations of blowing up the White House. Those words were a direct affront to the safety of the United States President and his family. At that moment, when Madonna made her desires to blow up the First Family known, she should have been arrested. On the spot!

But Madonna’s not alone with her outward cry for violence against Trump. CNN actually speculated as to the ways in which President Trump and Vice-President Pence could be assassinated and the order of power which would follow such an event. Both the half-baked attention starved Madonna and the irresponsible far left CNN News were titillating an already mentally deranged crowd which would love nothing better than to martyr themselves for the death of Trump.

The Left does not want to “Make America great again.” They want America to fall humbly at the feet of the globalists and accept her punishment for her white privilege, racial injustice, imperialism, social injustice, and strength. As illogical as it may seem, Americans of the Left want devastation to fall onto America. They are Vladamir Lenin’s ‘useful idiots.’

Donald Trump may restore the American middle class to prosperity. He may resurrect our world renowned healthcare system. He may reduce the inner city poverty rate by fifty percent, and remove sixty percent of the welfare recipients from the roles of dependency by giving them jobs. We may once again take to the heavens with our space program and boast our military strength. Gasoline could drop to one dollar per gallon because of Trump’s rededication of America to her own oil supplies.

But despite any and all accomplishments that President Trump negotiates, nothing will change with the Left. Conservatives who are expecting the liberals to encounter a new respect for Trump as he carries through with his “America First” agenda, are going to be disappointed.

Liberals do not want America first. They are a mentally demented group of individuals who have lost all sense of reason. They will never ever resign themselves to patriotism or love of country. They are not just haters of Trump. They are haters of everything that America stands for.

A civil war between the Left and Right is imminent. In what form it arrives, we can’t be sure. Only an act of Divine Providence can stop the looming battle.

Sanity versus madness. Good versus evil. Americans versus globalists. Pray for America!


  1. The battle of which you write, and it’s inevitability, will become a permanent part of our landscape if we don’t stomp it out quickly. We wait for the left to strike the first blows, ignoring that they have already done so over and over again. When this balloon pops, and it most certainly will, it will be too late to stuff that American Patriot “genie” back into the bottle. The left has no idea what they are trying to unleash. God help us, and God Bless America.

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