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Sometimes no matter how hard I try to be respectful of liberals and Democrats in regards to their humanity, (definitely not their politics), I just can’t jump that hurdle. After all, I’m only human, and there is just so much crazy that a sane mind can bear. It’s not a coincidence that the letter D stands for both Democrat and Dumbass.

And that brings me to the latest, most absurd behavior of the Democrat leadership. With Barack Obama, the Clintons, and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz all removed from the Democrat limelight, the party is in desperate need for a chairman. Several Democrats have applied for the position, and they are now in stiff competition.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid held a forum for the Democrat chair candidates yesterday at Georgetown University. And what ensued was an assault on white people, especially white Democrats. In an unbelievable display of racism and hate, all of the candidates agreed that the Democrat Party has been badly damaged by white leadership. And they all believe that racism is alive in America, and whites are to blame for it.

Sally Boynton Brown, chairwoman of the Idaho Democrat Party and a white woman herself, stated that if she is elected the next DNC chairman, then part of her job will be to ‘shut down’ white people. Boynton stated, “My job is to shut other white people down when they want to interrupt. My job is to shut other white people down when they say ‘Oh, no, I’m not prejudice; I’m a Democrat. My job is to make sure that white people ‘get it’ that they have privilege. The only way that America will no longer be racist or prejudice against black people is if white people shut their mouths.”

Minnesota Congressman and Muslim Keith Ellison, Fox News contributor Jehmu Greene, New Hampshire Democrat Party chairman Ray Buckley, South Carolina Democrat Party Chairman Jamie Harrison, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigeig, and former Labor Secretary Tom Perez are all running against Brown for the DNC chair, and they all agree on the need to take the party from the hands of the whites.

In 2012, while debating Tucker Carlson on Megyn Kelly’s afternoon show, Jehmu Greene became angry with Tucker and called him a “bow tie white boy.’ Carlson, at the time, was noted for his bow ties. Greene is a militant black woman and refused to apologize to Carlson. She is the quintessential racist.

Keith Ellison is an Islamic activist with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. He took his oath of office using the Koran, and is a radical Democrat operative.

Seven individuals are vying for the Democrat National Committee chairmanship, and every single candidate believes that the Democrat Party has failed because of white Democrats. And they want the white members of their party to “shut up.”

Fortunately for these seven overtly racist Democrats, the white Democrats are functioning as if in a drunken stupor. They are clueless as to their own party’s plans for them, or should I say their party’s lack of plans for them.

Only idiots support a party whose goal is, by admonition of it’s party leaders, to embrace blacks and minorities while silencing a select group of individuals, namely the idiots. The Democrat Party has been promoting white privilege and demonizing white people for eight long years, and white Democrats join in the self-deprecating rhetoric.

It takes a special kind of stupid to protest yourself. And white Democrats are just that………a special kind of stupid!

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