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On his first Monday as the United States President Donald J. Trump signed a bill defunding foreign abortions. Women throughout the universe will now be forced to pay for the termination of their own pregnancies. American taxpayers are finally off the hook for the bankrolling of the wicked institution of abortion, at least in foreign lands.

A thoughtful person would have to ask, “What in tarnation were our leaders thinking when they volunteered the American taxpayers to pay for universal abortions?” Over half of Americans find abortion to be immoral and a scourge upon mankind, and yet American lawmakers and judicial activists not only legalized abortion in America but contributed to this heinous practice by confiscating American tax dollars to advance the baby-killing establishment all across the galaxy.

When I first learned that the so-called women’s march in Washington D.C. Saturday was only one of the many other anti-Trump women’s marches around the world, my instincts screamed “abortion.” That’s the ticket. These women who were marching in the name of solidarity had one common agenda. They wanted to keep the abortion train on track.

Not only do these countries depend on American dollars to subsidize their abortion clinics, but the globalist agenda loses its engine if the United States of America pulls out of the New World Order. Redistribution of wealth from America to the nations around the world is contingent upon President Trump agreeing to bilk the American worker of his hard earned money in the name of social justice. And that ain’t gonna happen.

Feminists keep demanding that they have the right to control their own body. “Keep your hands off my uterus,” they scream! Well, that’s exactly what Trump decided. The United States of America will be keeping its national hands and money away from the uteruses of the world.

The American people agreed to help feed the hungry people of the world. We agreed to offering medical assistance to third world countries. We want to be the first responders to world disasters. But we never agreed to use our money to purchase abortions.

Thank the stars no life was found on a far away planet in our galaxy while the Democrats were in power. Because if there had been, the Democrats would have tried to convince the females of the species to abort their offspring, compliments of the United States taxpayer.


  1. When did the US start funding international abortions? Who did this? I never knew until the news yesterday. Thanks Judy Beth, I love your analogies! And why else would these females protest FOR abortion when that hasn’t been taken away from we tax payers. Those ridiculas pink hats called…. what..? Why were the antiabortion groups told they could not be sponsored by any of “their” sponsors? Basically the antiabortion groups were just not welcomed or well received. Although all supposed to be about women’s rights.

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