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President Trump has called for an investigation into voter fraud. And of course the media and liberals are bemoaning his move as the actions of a petulant child in denial that he did not take the popular vote, winning only the electoral college. There is no doubt about it. Donald Trump likes to win, and he is fiercely competitive.

He is confident that massive voter fraud cost him the popular vote, and considering that the Democrats have made this issue a prominent argument in defining Trump’s legitimacy, he is well within his rights to prove his allegations.

But the Democrats have no one to blame but themselves for Trump’s defiance concerning the election results. If they haven’t figured the man out yet, then too bad, so sad for them. Trump is not difficult to understand. If you challenge him, you will be left with the burden of proving your statements or looking like a fool.

Actually, President Trump is doing the country a much needed service by investigating the voting process and the many methods of fraud applied by the Democrats. Conservatives should welcome such an endeavor as there is no question; Democrat fraud is rampant.

The facts substantiating Democrat fraud are rather transparent, or at the very least clear-cut and unsophisticated. And the most glaring pieces of validation for Democrat fraud can be found with the Democrats’ resistance to a voting National ID card. The Democrats have found every excuse to not invoke a voter identification card. They specifically charge that an ID card is an act of racism and voter disenfranchisement.

There is no logical rationalization for not actualizing a method for recognizing legal voters. There is no justifiable reason for not ensuring a foolproof strategy for voter fraud. Democrats have one reason and one reason only for fighting against the Voter ID cards; they need voter fraud to win elections.

During the 2012 presidential election, election results in various precincts in swing states gave truth to allegations of voter fraud. Several counties in Ohio reported that Barack Obama had won their districts with upwards of 100% of the vote, which is an impossibility mathematically. What was worse was that these numbers went unchallenged.

Early voting in 2012 in Ohio involved many voting machines switching votes cast for Mitt Romney to votes for Obama. This phenomenon occurred again in 2016 as voters reported their votes being switched from Trump to Clinton.

In 2012 Allen West lost his Congressional bid to Democrat Patrick Murphy. West alleges that voter fraud in St. Lucie County, Florida, cost him the election. Despite proof of massive fraud, the Republican Party declined to help West prove the criminality. Three thousand voters had their addresses on record as a UPS store, and yet, the GOP dismissed the need for investigations.

In 2012 an Ohioan poll worker admitted to having voted for Obama six times. In this rare case of accountability, she was convicted of illegal voting and sentenced to five years in prison.

While this woman was so dumb as to boast of her fraud, most participants in voter fraud do not draw attention to their illegal voting.

And then there is the incredible reality of voting machines in sixteen states being provided by Smartmatic, a U.K. based company with links to George Soros.

As I wrote earlier, Barack Obama encouraged ‘Illegals’ to vote in the 2016 presidential election. When he was informed that Illegals were afraid that voting in the election would disclose their whereabouts and result in their deportation, Obama assured them that their votes were confidential and that their identities and locations could not be traced from their votes.

Fraud and deception are key components to the Democrat Party. Saul Alinsky, godfather of the Progressive movement, promoted all forms of duplicity in his “Rules For Radicals.” Liberals are inspired by the use of chaos and chicanery.

Democrats find truth and morality to be relative to the occasion. As Alinsky so boldly asserted in his list of rules, “The end justifies the means.” Exploiting the voting regulations and system to meet those ends would certainly be no problem.

Liberal and progressive ideologies, which are embraced by the Democrat Party, are flawed philosophies which are not welcomed by the average thinker without being deceptively marketed. Democrats have to depend on fraudulent methods of propaganda distribution and vote getting to get elected and re-elected.

Donald Trump promises to drain the swamp. Voter fraud is an extensive tributary to the wetlands of Washington D.C. Republicans should have addressed the problem twenty years ago, but they didn’t. It is in the best interests of the nation for the fraud to be exposed now. Onward, Trump! Onward!


  1. Judy, I am amazed that the connection of Obama, Clinton …to
    Alinsky does not get more attention. Obama is a card carrying community organizing discipline of Alinsky. Alinsky’s “rules” are well documented and should scare the hell out of the average American. Yet, we voted Obama into office TWICE while he unabashedly employed Alinsky’s rules and nearly destroyed the USA in the process. Trump’s election is a miracle….just ask Franklin Graham.

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