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I have written extensively about Democrat voter fraud and President Trump’s rightful decision to investigate the fraud. From what I have read and heard, none of the pundits are interpreting Trump’s intentions correctly. He is being accused of needing to prove that the popular vote was his. While I think he relishes the chance to prove he won the vote, I don’t think that is his objective.

Sure, Trump wants to come out on top in all arenas of competition. But all Republicans have a vested interest in uncovering the massive Democrat fraud. Simply, it is the presidential election of 2020.

Democrats have become so unhinged that they are arriving at a point of mass hysteria. Saturday’s women’s march was an eye opener for many naïve Americans who were unaware as to the severity of the Democrat radicalism. The celebrity breakdowns are another display of liberal instability.

Conservative Americans need to understand that there is absolutely nothing Donald Trump can do in the face of making America great again that will be viewed as a positive accomplishment by the Democrats. In terms of political sanity, the Democrats are too far gone to change or help.

During the next months and years we can expect non-stop media attacks on Trump, multiple assassination attempts on his life, and increased mass hysteria within the Democrat institutions of media, academia, Hollywood, as well as with the Democrat voter. And as these people become more and more desperate, they will begin their fraudulent activities to assure that Trump is not re-elected in 2020.

When 2020 arrives, the Democrat voter fraud will dwarf any and all records. The Democrats are going to double down on their efforts to defeat Trump and any other Republican candidates.

But if Trump can expose enough of the fraud now to give him momentum for national voter ID legislation, he can clamp down on the voter fraud before the Democrats have the opportunity to put the present day fraud on steroids.

The trick in beating the Democrats is to understand what they do, how they play the game, and to stay one step ahead of them at all times. In the past the Republicans have always reacted to the Democrats. We gave the Democrats the ball and waited for the rebound. That is a losing strategy.

If we can survive four years of Democrat-created chaos and probable violence, the Democrats will exhibit a fireworks display of voter fraud in 2020. But they will be neutered if we can introduce and pass a bill mandating a national voting identification card.

The media played right into Trump’s hands. He floated his assertion that he would have won the popular vote if illegals had not voted. He knew that his comment would be met with criticism and skepticism. And then Trump played his, “Don’t believe me, then I’ll show you” card.

Trump planned to investigate the voter fraud all along. Media scrutiny gave him his opportunity to accept their informal challenge to prove himself.

Once again…Trump Trumps the idiots on the Left!


  1. Just discovered your site – love the informative articles! Getting involved locally to be a part of this fight for the freedom in America! MAGA!!

  2. Next to Supreme Court nominees, voter ID is the second most important issue in President Trump’s term. The left’s combination of open borders and government dependency was building an impenetrable majority for the socialists. During President Trump’s first term he will expose the fraud and convince the American people that we need srict voter ID laws. His Supreme Court majority will support it. The difference this will make in future elections cannot be overestimated. Secondly, putting people back to work and off government support will steadily minimize one of the left’s most pathetic strategies for votes. Lastly, the death of Obamacare will remove the strategy of having the government control health care to get votes (the number 1 strategy vowed by socialist Alinsky to control the masses). THANK GOD for President Trump and his incredible team!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  3. Did I not tell all he is the dictator needed at this time !!! Once he loads the Supreme Court with constitutional Judges the National Voter card is a done deal, 🙂 And the dumocrats are DUNE in 2020 also !!! 🙂 This was THE MOST important issue of this election @

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