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The mainstream media has no moral high ground. Period! This self righteous indignation that they are simulating is nothing more than their typical biased drivel. During yesterday’s White House press briefing with Press Secretary Sean Spicer, the elite group of Obama sycophants pummeled Spicer about President Trump’s comments that he probably won the popular vote if the illegal votes were not included in the count.

These ‘journalists in name only’ are as phony as counterfeit money in their feigned shock and disbelief. They demanded proof for such an outrageous claim. They have no credibility as they are not only biased reporters, but also progressive operatives promoting propaganda rather than truth.

I was surprised that even some conservative pundits and defenders of Donald Trump were backing away from his allegations. Calling his comments unnecessary to the process, even Trump’s friend Bill O’Reilly suggested that Trump drop the issue. Maybe Bill’s memory is getting short as he should have presented the facts that indeed the Democrats had a get-out-the-vote campaign for illegals.

In early November, just days before the election, Barack Obama encouraged the “Illegals” to vote in the presidential election. At the time, I wrote about it and questioned the media’s lack of coverage on this very serious issue. The sitting president is on video stating that ‘when an illegal votes, he is being a good citizen.’

He addressed the illegals’ fears that by voting they could be caught and deported. He reminded them that the vote was confidential and that they could not be traced and deported by their vote. What else is new? Just more traitorous behavior by a treasonous president.

Neil Cavuto reported on Obama’s jaw-dropping audacity. Encouraging foreigners to influence American elections is in itself a crime. The nation’s chief law enforcer was deliberately emboldening lawbreakers to infringe upon his citizens’ rights to a fair election.

Bill O’Reilly and other conservatives need to chill. Donald Trump has the Democrats and his adversaries down. He needs to pound them into political mush as it is the only thing that will stop the evil progressives. Trump needs to call foul on every issue and in every instance that the Democrats cross the line.

If Republicans learned anything from the Democrats at all, it is to remain on the offense until the job is done. Do not get soft! Do not question yourselves! Do not have pity on their circumstances which they have brought onto themselves. When they are down, you beat them with the political sledgehammer until their ideological legs are broken with little chance of mending for at least generations to come.

When the Tea Party was protesting Obamacare in Washington D.C. prior to the signing of the bill, Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democrat Dinosaur John Lewis smirked as they walked through the throng of thousands who were chanting, “kill the bill.” They staged a fake civil rights march and walked through the desperate crowd of Republicans. The pompous Pelosi carried a large ceremonial gavel as her stage prop.

After this dramatic photo op, John Lewis lied and told reporters that the crowd had called him a nig**r while spitting on him. He had no evidence of such an occurrence, and not one shred of information was given to support his claim. With all of the video cameras and audio equipment on the site of the said occurrence, not an inkling of proof could be found to substantiate Lewis’s claim. No witnesses, no audio voices, and no information regarding the details of the story were available .

Lewis’s lie could not be confirmed, because it was a lie. Yet, the mainstream media ran with the story, besmirching the Tea party without any corroboration to Lewis’ accusations.

But now, the media elite are demanding proof of Trump’s allegations that the Illegals were a factor in the 2016 popular vote. Ignoring Barack Obama’s own plea to illegals to vote in the election, the blame falls once again onto Trump for daring to challenge the vote.

Donald Trump is right to question the illegal vote. And he is right to question the media on every single misstep. They are never going to report truthfully. They are Stepford reporters, and they will forever take their marching orders from the progressive agenda.

Truth in reporting needs to be recognized and unethical journalists need to be kicked to the curb. Making America great again must include resetting the media.

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