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President Trump is proving to be not only a breath of fresh air but a whirlwind of activity as well. The executive orders are flying off his desk at breakneck speed. He was obviously well-prepared to begin his administration with an expeditious urgency. His orders are detailed and thorough.

Most importantly, things are finally getting done in Washington. Trump’s high energy and attention to the job of presidency, rather than to golf or celebrities, may take some time getting use to, such as maybe five seconds. Finally, a leader is taking steps to elevate America back to the status of superpower.

And this president is not going to let grass grow under his feet. He has signed executive orders to begin the rollback on Obamacare, defund foreign abortions, revive the Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines and maximize United States steel in the pipelines, build the border wall, withdraw from the TPP, renegotiate NAFTA, hire 5000 more border patrol agents, strip sanctuary cities of federal grant money, end catch and release policies for illegal immigrants, and put a hiring freeze on a bloated federal government.

He has taken the bull by the horns with one hand tied behind his back. As we would expect, the Left has been screaming ‘foul’ as Trump has issued his directives. And they have reminded us that when Obama was declaring his executive orders, conservatives were alarmed at his executive power grab.

Republicans are, after all, the party of checks and balances. We are the people who demand a strict interpretation of the United States Constitution. We do not, under normal circumstances, approve of executive overreach. When Barack Obama boasted of making law with his phone and his pen, we cringed.

Are conservative as dedicated to the principles of constitutional law as they professed to be while Obama was in office? Are they hypocrites for approving of Donald Trump’s unprecedented use of executive power in his first week of office? Absolutely not!

There is a significant difference in the circumstances surrounding Barack Obama’s executive decrees and President Trump’s directives. Obama signed his orders as a strategic measure of furthering his far left agenda. Obama’s orders were a component of his transformation of America.

To the contrary, Trump is not pursuing an ideological agenda. He is trying to repair a system and lifestyle which has been progressively and systematically corrupted and perverted. He is using his authority to halt policies and programs which are suffocating the citizens of the United States. He is cauterizing the dilated blood vessels which are draining America of her lifeblood.

President Trump is acting promptly, because there is no time to waste. There is no time to legislate and walk back the many illogical policies which Barack Obama signed into law. So much damage has been created by the Marxist president that the national body has lost far more blood than the Founding Fathers anticipated possible.

Action must be taken now. There is no time to hold a council to establish a plan of action. A strong leader must make the hard common-sense decisions immediately. The bleeding is profuse.

Trump is not concerned if he gets bad press for his decisive response to a comatose nation. He doesn’t care if his adversaries approve or disapprove. He isn’t concerned about enjoying a beer with buddies in Congress. He is immune to criticism, because he took an oath to take this nation back from the brink, and he intends on following through with his promise.

President Trump saw the hemorrhaging of the nation and volunteered himself to be the tourniquet. Only executive orders can stop the bleed. At this moment in time, legislation is secondary to saving the patient.


  1. I once had a real concern…even IF a Republican won, it would take a mighty rogue wave to turn this ship around. President Donald Trump’s tenaciousness has alleviated my fears, and this off course vessel.. The MIGHTY USA, is beginning to make that turn. Love your writing, JudyBeth!

    • Thank you, and I agree, Pat. Quick decisive actions to immediately reverse course is the solution. We don’t need long tedious Congressional hearings to identify our problems and establish a fix. People with sense know what is wrong and what needs to be done to restore America. Blustery, partisan Congressional leaders are interested only in the status quo.

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