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Due to a politically active media, our society has given far too much time and attention to the kooks in our midst. There have always been strange people with even stranger ideas who have a compulsion to dedicate their lives to social issues which lie outside the norm. PETA, for example, attracts thousands of wackos.

And no, I am not suggesting that animal rights are not a worthy cause. I would walk through fire for my dog, Jake. But when animal rights activists run naked through the street to protest Kentucky Fried Chicken’s treatment of their dearly beloved feathered friends, who end up to be finger lickin’ good dinners, I file those people under the heading of ‘screwball.’

When radical environmentalists chain themselves to trees to prevent rightful property owners from legally cutting down their own trees, I see a ‘crackpot.’ Despite the fact that I am a conservationist, I believe that responsible people must respect the laws and rights of other people.

It is not a complicated concept to realize that reasonable people can support animal rights and the environment without parading around in their birthday suits and wearing chains. And it should be of no surprise to anyone that these zealots almost always identify with the Left. Because illogical thinking is the bedrock for liberal thought.

A bawdy display of left-wing activists with an aberrant objective was a spectacle at the Women’s March in Washington D.C. on the day following President Trump’s inauguration. Five hundred thousand feminists decided to show their displeasure with Trump by wearing pink pu*sy hats, talking dirty, and showing solidarity for what still remains a mystery. The issues which were highlighted as demands by the attendees are already women’s rights. But hey, these are feminists we’re talking about. Expecting intellectual prowess from these would-be Margaret Sangers is unrealistic.

The day after President Trump signed the executive orders to restart pipeline projects, Greenpeace took to the Washington D.C. skyline. Scaling a 250 foot construction crane, seven members of the organization unfurled a 70 foot by 30 foot banner from the crane which was situated just three blocks from the White House. The massive orange and yellow banner displayed one word, “RESIST.”

A construction worker on the site said that the seven demonstrators hanging from the crane were on the crane prior to his arrival around 5 a.m. He noted that the protestors were clearly professionals, shifting positions to maintain blood circulation. How sweet is that? Greenpeace just happens to have grassroots protesters who are skilled aerial performers. I’m sure George Soros money had nothing to do with the hiring of these protesters.

Celebrities, Democrat leadership, and clueless left-wing nitwits are calling for “Resistance to Trump.” I don’t consider myself to be na├»ve but I can’t help but wonder, “Just how do these Democrat loons plan to resist?”

Resisting to Trump would be synonymous with breaking the law. President Trump is not going to require anything of the people which would be categorized as challenging. He is not asking We the People to do anything. He is merely setting a course of action to stimulate the economy, the jobs market, and the energy industry. He is trying to control the borders which will decrease drug trafficking and make it difficult for terrorists to enter the country. He wants to end sanctuary cities which are presently protecting illegal criminals from deportation.

The liberals can ‘resist’ Trump’s ideas all day long and till the cows come home. He doesn’t care if they like him or his ideas, and he isn’t about to change his direction because of the bullies on the Left.

But if they try to ‘resist’ President Trump in terms of breaking the laws, vandalizing his projects, creating chaos, or worse, then they will find themselves in jail.

Democrats just can’t seem to get it. They “LOST” the election of 2016. They lost the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the presidency and that pretty much sums it up. They are the party which is ‘out of power.’

Cries for ‘Resistance’ make for good sound bites, but actual resistance to the nation’s laws is criminality . Defiant protesters with a penchant for violence will inspire radicals.

The Democrats may acknowledge defeat at the ballot box, but they will never abandon their progressive agenda. They will obstruct Trump and the Republicans in every way they can. Protests will turn to riots. Riots will lead to violence and destruction of property.

If peaceful ‘resistance’ was effective, the conservatives would have stopped Barack Obama’s transformational policies early in his first term. Protests make a statement, but they are inadequate methods of acquiring real change.

The “Resistance’ generally applies to freedom fighters who are pushing back against a dictator. Democrats are organizing and planting their seeds of defiance against the Trump administration. And they are identifying themselves as the “Resistance.”

Whereas Republicans did not want their protests to become revolutionary acts of extreme force and bloodshed, Liberals will feel completely within their rights to instigate a clash between the Left and Right which will turn violent. In fact, many on the Left welcome a call to arms. They are unhinged and hostile. They are not freedom fighters.

We can only pray that there are still some Democrats with their heads still attached who will reject any notion of a “Resistance.” If not, things could get real ugly and fast.

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  1. These people are nuts. During the Inauguration activities, some of my friends were hit with sticks, bottles of water, and rocks by
    the anarchists. I still have blisters on my feet from walking in heels for blocks because streets were closed off by the police at the last minute because of the looney anarchists. They all need sent to Alcatraz and if they escape, they have to swim with sharks.

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