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Joe Scarborough, host for MSNBCs “Morning Joe,” chided White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon this morning for daring to suggest that the media is the “opposition party.” Scarborough, a typical media elitist, stated, “let me say, taking on the press like that, it always ends badly. The press always wins. Washington always wins. You figure out how to work with them or you’re going to get crushed. There you go. Just a helpful little reminder.”

There YOU go, Joe. You’ve got your bristles up and your jockey briefs in a wad. From the sounds of things Ole Joe has taken offense that the Trump administration is questioning the status quo and the establishment power. And that is precisely what Scarborough is suggesting; that the powers that be, aka the Establishment, will remain the powers that be.

Bannon definitely hit a Scarborough nerve considering Joe insinuated that not playing ball with the establishment media and political crowd would result in Trump and crew being ‘crushed.” Oh my. Golly, I’m relieved that Joe added that his words were just a little helpful reminder. Somebody who didn’t know better might think that Joe was making a threat of sorts. Surely, Morning Joe wouldn’t cross that line.

I want to sort this out. Scarborough warned that taking on the press always ends badly, and the press always wins. Hey Joe, I’m just wondering aloud here. How does the press win, and just how does it end badly for the guy that takes them on? How exactly does the press ‘crush’ their adversary? By lying? By distorting the truth? Because if that’s the case, nothing is new. The media has already lied about Trump and distorted the facts concerning his campaign and presidency. If the media wins, what is it that they win? Superiority to the masses?

Do they wager a full scale propaganda attack on the Trump administration? Maybe you could let your fellow MSNBC buddy Brian Williams help you out with that one. He wrote the book on fake news.

Joe Scarborough’s words revealed his anger that the “establishment” powers are being questioned and called on the carpet for their bias and deception. Scarborough wants We the Little People to understand that the media and Washington establishments can crush anyone who questions their position and authority.

These people never learn. Even after the shock of Trump’s presidential victory and populist following, these political and media bureaucrats still believe that they are in charge. They do not understand the nature of the power of the people. They want to fight us.

Make no mistake about it. The Establishment’s hatred is not directed at President Trump. It is focused on the people who put Trump into the Oval Office. Joe Scarborough wants to make sure that we understand just “who we are fooling with.”

We know Joe. Believe me. We know. I think the real problem is that the Establishment has yet to understand who they are fooling with! Power to the People!

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