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Stephen K. Bannon, President Trump’s chief White House strategist, said in an interview with the New York Times that the elite media has ‘no authority’ to speak for the American people in regards to their expectations of President Trump. He chided the press for their poor pre-election coverage of Trump the candidate and their embarrassing prediction for a Hillary Clinton win.

Bannon called the mainstream media the ‘opposition party.’ And to this proclamation of Bannon’s, I say “Bravo Bannon! Bravo!” There is no question that the mainstream elite media has opposed the people they were obligated to serve in exchange for promoting their own progressive agenda.

It is not coincidental that liberal journalists showcased their personal ideology on an overwhelming majority of network and cable news in addition to the left-leaning press. Our so-called esteemed journalists hoodwinked a trusting populace for several decades with their fake news and slanted reporting.

And it was by design to confuse the masses with propaganda. Reporters became political pundits presenting their opinions as news. The front page of newspapers have become editorial space for an industry which has been determined to mold the thoughts of their audiences with indoctrination rather than factual accounts of valid newsworthy events.

Furthermore, journalism majors have become more interested in celebrity than truth in reporting. They lie to advance their careers or destroy a political enemy. Dan Rather lied about President George W. Bush in order to influence the presidential election of 2004. Brian Williams lied and lied and lied about his own personal adventures in the making of history. And MSNBC is so corrupt that after a period of suspension, they hired Williams back.

Examples of media bias and corruption are too plentiful to account, but it has become widespread knowledge that they are a prevaricating unprofessional good ole boys club. And they are not worthy of the time it takes for me to wipe my boots on them.

Bannon stated during a phone call, “The media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just listen for awhile.” And oh my goodness, you would have thought he had just ordered the establishment media to report to a cell block in Siberia.

As expected Trump haters and Democrats are suddenly concerned for the media’s First Amendment rights. But I am pretty darned sure that the First Amendment does not protect a deceptive media. Libel and slander are serious offenses, and whether libel is committed by writing an outright lie or slanderous reporting distorts the truth, it is not a protected right.

For years I have watched the media influence public opinion by deliberately contorting the words and actions of Republicans. The media has destroyed political candidates not to their liking. They destroyed Paula Deen in the name of political correctness. They are kingmakers. And they are destructive agents.

The American establishment media gave us Bill and Hillary Clinton. They hid the dirty little facts about Bill’s rapes and sexual assaults. They concealed Hillary’s thesis on which she wrote of her admiration for Saul Alinsky.

There is no doubt at all. Had the media been a fair and just Fourth Estate as intended by our Founders, had the media been the watchmen on the wall, and had the media presented the facts instead of propaganda laced with progressive nuances, the United States of America would not be in the midst of this struggle for its existence.

The media is just as responsible for the corrupt culture and establishment as are our politicians. On second thought, the media is more responsible. Politicians, by the very nature of being politicians, tend to stray from the straight and narrow. It is the duty of the media to keep “all” of the politician accountable to the truth.

Why in the sam hell would President Trump want to afford our present day debased, unscrupulous, double-dealing, reprobate, unethical and nefarious media special access to the White House? If he does, they will only continue to do what they do best, which is to manipulate public opinion with their dishonest machinations.

The establishment media needs to pay the price for years of screwing the American people. It is time for the alternative media to step up and knock the aristocrats off of their throne. The Emperor Obama was forced to show he had no clothes. Now is the time for the establishment media to realize that they have no more power!

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