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The NAACP has come out in opposition to President Trump’s looming investigation on voter fraud. Now who could have seen that coming? Cornell Williams Brooks, President and CEO of the NAACP was giving an interview on CNN, and he vowed that his organization would ‘reisist’ the investigation.

Here we go again. Another left-wing crowd of progressives using their race to further a radical agenda. And of course, Brooks is screaming that the investigation is racist. Who could have seen this coming? And Brooks insists that there was unrelenting voter suppression against minorities in the 2016 election.

It seems to me that it was the New Black Panthers who were intimidating white voters in Philadelphia in 2008. Despite videos of the Panthers bullying the voters, the Department of Justice, under Attorney General Eric Holder, decided to just drop the case. Whatever happened to white privilege, Eric?

Brooks claims that voter fraud is a myth and suppression is fact. And he adds that “If the president goes down this road, we must resist and we must resist massively.”

What exactly does this massive resistance look like, Cornell? Are you and your progressive pals planning to physically stop the investigation, because realistically, that is the only way you will stop it?

Liberals have absolutely no integrity. It is beyond comprehension that any truth-seeking citizen would object to a thorough inspection of the vote fraud which is and has been a problem for years. Our electoral system is as open as the southern border, and it is only reasonable to want to assure that the system is fair and square. That is unless you benefit from the voter fraud.

Could that be the real issue behind your indignation, Mr. Brooks? The Democrats have benefitted immeasurably from the broken system, and they are totally opposed to fixing the problems which generate fraudulent voting.

All industrialized democracies other than the United States use national voter identification cards to safeguard voter fraud. But those on the left are incensed when the subject arises. Because a voter ID card would spoil their party.

It is no coincidence that the fraud is so widespread. According to John Fund and Heritage Foundation’s Hans Von Spakovsky, the Obama administration spent eight years fighting an investigation into voter fraud. Not only did Obama fight an investigation and a national voter ID, but they refused to allow the states to fix the voter roles to eliminate the dead voters or to make sure voters were not registered in multiple districts.

Not allowing the states to remove dead voters from the books and to prevent multiple voting by one individual, is indicative of one thing and one thing only. The Obama administration promoted fraud.

There is no logical reason for fighting efforts to assure truth in voting other than to prop up the crooked voting system. And if voter fraud is not an issue, then why not allow the investigation to take place and be done with it?

The NAACP is nothing more than a wing of the Democrat Party designed to keep the racism card alive and active. White Americans have been conditioned to ‘listening’ to what men like Cornell Brooks have to say, because to not do so would mean that we are uncaring and bigots. White America has been trained to praise men like Brooks for fighting for minorities rights.

But in truth, the NAACP doesn’t fight for minority rights. They are an organization with an agenda to fight “against” the rights of white people and to assure that racism is kept alive and well. After all, if men like Brooks and his fellow race hustlers Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton didn’t cry racism, then Americans might actually live in racial harmony.

I am anxious to see just what Cornell Brooks has in mind for his ‘resistance to the investigation into voter fraud.’ He just might find that Americans no longer give a rats’ rear end if he resists or not. There is a new day in America whether the NAACP likes it or not. And no amount of resistance is going to stop the momentum of the Trump effect.

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  1. The only remedy for United States and voting discrepancy is to have a voter ID everyone in this world has an ID to rent a pair of bowling shoes as I heard on TV today to drive a car to buy drugs that your drug store visit your doctor picture ids are the key. I guess you have to have a picture ID to sign up for HUD Section 8 food stamps

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