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I was an ardent skeptic of Donald Trump. I was turned off by his aggressive verbal assaults on his political enemies and his often petulant behavior. I wanted a GOP candidate with the sophistication and eloquence of Thomas Jefferson or George Washington. Donald Trump is not that man, nor will he ever be. He is not smoothe, articulate, or humble. He is just Trump, and that’s okay.

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. And indeed we are in extraordinary times. In fact, we are in a crisis. The country needs immediate relief from progressive policies which are strangling us. The scope of the problems are not just overwhelming but so profound and abysmal that normal-thinking people began anticipating the end of times.

The election of President Trump and his first week in office have put into place a world reaction to the new American president which is unprecedented. In seven short days we have witnessed the reality of the “Trump Effect.” The unexpected reaction of the world to President Trump has been refreshing on two fronts.

There is an old expression that “as America goes, so goes the world.” Our superpower status and world influence is notable as people across the globe look to America for leadership as well as to their own governments. You could say that when it comes to government and culture, America is the trendsetter.

Prior to Trump’s inauguration, the people worldwide were reacting to his victory. And much of it was positive. The effects of globalism have been far more punitive to European countries than the United States. We have been the last domino in the stack, and the globalists needed for us to fall to complete their transformation and restructuring of the world order.

Sometimes Americans take their liberties for granted. They forget that people everywhere want freedom. And while the progressive leaders of Europe have driven a stake right into the heart of their people, the citizens of Europe have desired to reclaim their freedoms and their western way of life.

And President Trump’s aggressive reversal of globalist policies in America has given hope to nations around the world. In Germany, conservatives are making an effective pushback against globalist Angela Merkel. She is in decline.

Marine Le Pen, the conservative leader in France, congratulated Trump saying, “Congratulations to the new president of the United States, Donald Trump and the American people, free.” Le Penn’s chief strategist Florian Philippot in regards to the globalists, tweeted, “Their world is crumbling. Ours is being created.”

In Germany the conservative leader, Beatrix von Storch, wrote, “Trump’s victory is a signal that citizens of the western world want a change of political course. Not only in the United States but in Germany, citizens want secure borders, less globalization and commonsense policies that are more focused on their own countries.”

In Macedonia, a new initiative by the name of “Operation Stop Soros” is gaining momentum and will most likely spread across the continent as it becomes more evident that Soros is responsible for the migrant crisis.

On the other side of the coin, globalist leaders are in a panic. French President Francois Hollande, in reference to Trump’s election, said, “the decision opens a period of uncertainty for the world with the “future of the planet, global security, and peace at stake”. Hollande said that he would engage in talks with Trump, “But I will do so with watchfulness and frankness because certain values must be confronted.”

No, Francois, there will be no uncertainty about this. We the People of the United States elected President Trump, and your opinion or willingness to work with him is of no consequence. Your embrace of globalism and Trump’s welcoming of nationalism are two completely different ideologies. It looks like your values are going to lose. Sorry about your luck.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who was elected purely by name recognition and his status as a Canadian sex symbol, said that Canada has no closer friend than the United States, and he looks forward to working with Trump. Trudeau, who is a socialist, was booed at his last townhall meeting. His crowds are dwindling as even Canadians are tiring of the globalist policies.

People of the world are inspired by Americans who threw off the globalist movement and have ushered in a new opportunity to restore national sovereignty. Watching a leader such as President Trump fearlessly confront the enemies of the American republic has given them courage to fight for their own countries.

The globalists want a one world order in which the citizens are united as citizens of the world. But what they are about to find out is that the citizens of the world are going to unite. They are going to unite to throw off the elites and their crushing oppression as they ram tyranny down our throats. The people of the world are going to unite so as to save their own nations and restore their sovereignty.

The “Trump Effect” is on track to restore sanity and liberty to the world.


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