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There is a video making it’s way across facebook in which a FedEx employee takes on a group of anti-American know-nothings who are burning American flags. The young man, who is obviously disgusted with the lack of respect liberals have for the nation, grabs the flags, retrieves a fire extinguisher from his truck, and sprays a few of the participants who are trying to physically assault him. The young FedEx man is fearless as he single handedly takes on this entire crowd of low-life space cadets. He leaves the scene immediately after stopping the destruction of the flag.

I call attention to this video, because it is symbolic of a coming attraction around the country, and it is indicative of the patience wearing thin within the conservative community.

The liberals throughout America have been pampered and energized by Barack Obama and his sycophant media. They have stood on street corners and burnt American flags. They have thrown rocks through windows to underscore their displeasure when things don’t please them. They have burnt down neighborhoods as in Baltimore and Ferguson when they ‘imagine’ racism. And they have never paid a penalty for their lawlessness.

While liberals have created chaos and vandalized America, conservatives have remained sedentary in regards to confronting the madness. We have been vocal, but we have not physically engaged in defending the flag or property under siege. My personal thoughts as to why conservatives have not acted are two fold.

Conservatives by nature are not violent people and avoid confrontation. But secondly, conservatives have felt threatened by the Obama government. Many conservatives have remained silent so as not to draw attention to themselves for fear of reprisal from liberal watchdogs and government agencies. We don’t have to search our minds far to remember how the IRS targeted conservative activists.

Most conservatives have preferred to fly under the radar while some of the more courageous among them carried the water to the front. But with President Trump in the White House, they feel that ‘Morning in America’ that President Ronald Reagan promised. They are inspired and exhilarated by Trump’s enthusiasm to restore American nationalism and sovereignty.

The young FedEx hero left the crowd of radical loons standing with their mouths agape and wandering aimlessly on the corner. They reminded me of hippies from the sixties as they stumbled along in a stupor with this slow motion , “Hey, man, somebody just stole my joint” look on their faces.

Mr. FedEx wasn’t interested in fighting. He merely wanted to stop the desecration of the flag that he felt to be sacred. And in doing so, he inspired millions of conservatives who watched the video while cheering him on. And the conservatives said to themselves, “If he can do it, I can do it.”

Sometimes we have to put aside proper decorum. And if you are a fan of Donald Trump’s, then you surely understand stepping outside the box of propriety.

In troubled times we have to fight fire with fire. It’s not pleasant. It’s not something we relish doing. But when one side, namely the liberals, believes that the ‘ends justifies the means,’ as their godfather, Saul Alinsky, preached, the methods of countering the wrongdoers need to be adjusted. It’s called ‘facing the facts.’

The FedEx hero took a risk for his principles. He didn’t care that he was outnumbered. He didn’t care that he was on company time which could have resulted in the loss of his job. He just knew that he had had enough of the liberal bullcrap, and he was pushing back.

So, today, January 29, 2017, I award the FedEx hero my “ATTABOY AWARD!” Attaboy, young man, and Godspeed! You may be young, but you are a real man!

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