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During the GOP primary, many of the Republican NeverTrumpers pointed to the candidate Donald Trump’s past flirtation with the Left. Not only was he a registered Democrat, but he was also pro-choice and donated heavily to many radical Democrats. He was definitely not a strong conservative, but to be fair, he was not a strong liberal.

But that was Trump the businessman. He had tunnelvision in respect to his political dalliances, because that’s what businessmen do. They make their decisions according to the benefits they bring to their enterprise. No one can dispute that Donald Trump’s priorities were regarded as second to his real estate empire. He admits to buying influence from politicians, which is in itself not a crime, though it should be on the part of both the donor and the recipient.

His popularity as a Republican candidate was partially the result of his unabashed willingness to admit that he had been a part of a crooked system……a system in which the players wrote the rules to benefit themselves but also to keep themselves out of jail. But this was also the reason he was so adamantly protested by the establishment. They knew that Trump was the guy who frankly, “just doesn’t give a damn.”

Donald Trump doesn’t give a damn about establishment opinion. It is becoming more and more apparent that he has little respect for the Washington establishment and the media. And men or women, who are confident in their own abilities and don’t need the corruption to succeed or garner wealth, can be a threat to a corrupt system.

The main ingredient to a successful corrupt system is discretion on the part of those in the system. When there is a leak or whistleblower in the mix, the entire unscrupulous, depraved, and nefarious structure becomes compromised. And all of the players panicked as no one knew how to stop Donald Trump.

Other than through death, it is difficult to really stop anyone who has no regard for consequences. And Trump definitely has little fear of consequences. He plows through every obstacle with determination. It’s just who he is. And that is what makes him so dangerous to the establishment.

But something else happened to Trump on the way to the White House. His right-leaning course took a sharp right turn and his moderate path became a conservative itinerary. I believe this to be for several reasons.

First, Trump was astonished at the intensity of the attacks against him from the Left. These were all people whom he had been generous with through the years, and yet they were not only disloyal to him, they mocked him. This did not escape Trump. And he got a good hard look at who these people were that had used him for his money.

Secondly, the support Trump received from the conservatives was not only shocking to him, but it humbled him somewhat. Donald Trump rewards loyalty, and he recognized that it was the conservatives who put their trust in him and brought him to the party. And I wholeheartedly believe that Trump wants to be honorable and carry through with his promises.

Thirdly, the experience of running for office and the attacks on his family and himself from the left-wing nuts has given Trump a new respect for conservatives and their values. He understands now that he has been elevated to the presidency by people who are of Judeo-Christian faith. He seems to have even taken on a new awareness of God in his life.

During the March for Life this week, the Trump administration threw their support behind the pro-life movement. Vice-President Pence even spoke at the event. The administration has promised pro-life policies. This action from the White House is unprecedented.

The entire process of running for office has opened a window to Trump that has allowed him a good hard look at his enemies and the enemies of the country. He entered the presidential race with the intent of fixing a broken system only to find out that the evil permeating through the establishment was so acute that we needed a thorough national exorcism. And he signed on for the job.

President Donald Trump is going to ‘make America great again.’ And ‘making America great again’ is going to make Donald Trump a better man.


  1. Great post, Judy! Excellent explanation of the metamorphosis of
    President Donald J Trump. Helped me better understand him.

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