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Like Glenn Beck, Erick Erickson, conservative writer and CEO of the political blog RedState, was vehemently opposed to the candidacy of Donald Trump. Erickson just could not let it go. After Trump won the GOP nomination, he was sure that Trump could not defeat Clinton, and I’m sure he secretly hoped he was right.

But he wasn’t, and we know the rest of the story. With that said, one would expect a conservative blog to respect the official results of the election and avoid the continual use of smear tactics on President Trump and his team. But that’s not the case.

One of the primary bloggers on the site, by the name of Susan Wright, has multiple columns published per day. And on every given day, at least one of those columns is dedicated to the smearing of Trump or someone in his administration. If she wasn’t writing for “RedState,” I would assume that she was a left-wing Trump-hater by the tone of her anti-Trump rhetoric.

I have no problem with Wright’s negative sentiment towards Trump. But like the mainstream media liberal sycophants, she distorts the truth to prove points, which by definition would completely invalidate her writings.

I have followed Wright’s acrimonious essays regarding Trump for quite some while. And I have been puzzled as to why she is not writing for Media Matters or Salon. Because whether Susan Wright or Erick Erickson accept Trump or not, the ‘red states’ elected him, and it is quite the oxymoron that “RedState” would continue to beat the drum which aligns with blue state thinking.

I was prompted to comment on Wright today as I read her commentary in which she states that Kellyanne Conway wants journalists and pundits who speak poorly of Trump to be fired. She writes that “If you are a pundit, journalist, or random talking head who oppose Trump, Kellyanne Conway wants you shut down and shut up.”

Susan Wright’s words are a deliberate falsification of Kellyanne’s words. I saw the Conway’s interview on Fox News Sunday, and Wright is completely distorting Conway’s statements. Conway was complaining that despite the unreasonable and relentless attacks on Donald Trump by the mainstream media, none of those journalists were fired. From the context of her conversation with Chris Wallace, it was evident that Conway was referring to journalists and pundits who were slanderous towards Trump.

Conway was correct in wondering why media giants in broadcasting and print no longer require truth in reporting from their journalists and opinion makers. Even pundits have a responsibility to honesty in their opinions. As she said and I paraphrase, “In any other business they would be fired for their lying.” And she’s right. Conway was asking the question most of us are thinking. Why does the media tolerate lying from their staff.

She was not calling for the firings of people who disagreed with Donald Trump. But the deceptive Wright wrote, “So Conway wants all of those who oppose Trump shut down?” She conveniently ends the statement with a question mark, as her intent was to influence the reader into believing that it was fact that Conway wants Trump detractors silenced. She covers her ass by making the statement a question.

Susan Wright may find President Trump objectionable and question his policies which I find to be completely within her First Amendment Rights. But she is no different than the mainstream media who contort the words and intentions of Trump and his staff. She reports half truths in her reporting and commentaries rather than fact.

Erick Erickson may just need to change the name of his blog if he is going to continue to employee Wright. “RedState” no longer describes the content. “BlueState” would probably be more fitting to Wright’s style of writing as the blue Left has a tendency to twist the truth just like Susan Wright.

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  1. I heard Erickson say on Friday that he was wrong about Trump, and couldn’t believe my ears! He explained that he never thought DJT would do the things he said he’d do, but he’s now amazed at what he is seeing out of this administration… And that it was hard for him to admit it, but that HE was wrong about Trump. I loved witnessing that humility in action from someone who has been so arrogant about his numerous, erroneous proclamations all this time. I have always been…and remain… Skeptical about Trump, but I am hopeful that he will continue to implement policy that does more than put a bump in the road of the very determined Progressives (communists), whose extremely focused agenda is to destroy all this country was created to be.

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