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I have to give Hollywood celebrities credit for their excellence in throwing things. They can sure throw a helluva temper tantrum and a dazzling awards ceremony. Unfortunately, after the glitzy dresses with bared breasts and red carpet photographs, the audience is annoyed with a nauseating few hours of back patting as the attention-craving actors and actresses sing their own praises. “You’re the greatest! No, You’re the greatest!”

“I want to thank my mom and dad and all the wonderful actors and actresses that I have worked with. It wouldn’t have been possible without their support and sacrifice. And I want to thank my beautiful wife who has been amazing, and has had to put up with the long hours and taking care of the kids. And I can’t forget my manager. He’s been terrific. And while I’m at it, I just want to say that everyone of you here is just wonderful. All of you. You’re beautiful and glamorous and talented, and I couldn’t have done it without you.”

“But I also want to take a special moment to say that I hate Donald Trump. He is not my president. And he is just horrible. And this is my America. This is my America! Do you understand, this is my America? And I will not let this happen! Thank you very much for this honor.”

And so it goes. The razzle dazzle of the Hollywood elite never fades, because the celebrity awards shows are endless. Last night we were privy to another grand display of wonderment from the beautiful, rich, and famous. The SAG Awards, otherwise known as the Screen Actors Guild Awards, took to the air with another fact-filled and brilliant political analysis from the celebrities.

These mental midgets didn’t hold back as they cursed President Donald Trump for his Hitleresque ways. I won’t even mention the names of the celebrities in attendance as they are insignificant to me. ‘Rich trash’ pretty much sums them up.

Regardless of whom the Guild selected for their prestigious awards, I know who the real winner was. It was Democrat Chuckie Schumer. The Senate Minority Leader had an emotional meltdown as the tears rolled down his cheeks while he proclaimed Donald Trump’s immigration ban to be “mean-spirited and un-American.” Oh my goodness sakes and mercy me.

How in the world could President Trump be so mean? He made Chuckie Schumer cry. And that wasn’t very nice. Poor Chuckie. I hope he went home after his show and took a wittle tiny baby nap. And drank some hot chocolate afterwards. Be careful, Chuckie. Don’t spill the chocolate on your blankie.

I have to admit. Men like Chuckie Schumer turn my stomach. Men who cry like babies when they are supposed to be leaders forging the way for their countrymen make me want to throw up. I understand when men cry because of the death of a loved one or a tragic event, but this endless sobbing by liberals and particularly liberal men is a complete turnoff.

But I do understand that Chuckie’s circumstances were different. He wasn’t really sad. He was acting. And Democrats had better hope he was acting, because if the minority leader in the Senate is crying because he thinks the President of the United States is mean, then Democrats have a bigger problem than they realize. Their number one guy is carrying on with Democrat tradition which is being a crybaby when they are losing.

Please don’t cry, Chuckie. Everything is going to be okay. President Trump is in the White House, and he doesn’t cry. He’s a big boy. He just kicks ass. And if I have my way, he will soon be kicking yours.


  1. I wonder if Chuckie took crybaby lessons from Boehner? I never did understand what his major malfunction was, but he cried about EVERYTHING! If you are a grown man crying about politics, or somebody baing “a big fat meanie” then you are not doing it right.

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