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Barack Obama has broken his long silence. Let’s see, that would be just about ten days. And it’s been really difficult for the Prince of Progressivism to hold his forked tongue. But today, he is encouraging his fellow radical Democrats to get into the groove of ‘community organizing.’

Considering that community organizing is the only thing that Obama knows how to do, his proclamation should be of no surprise. Obama’s spokesman, Kevin Lewis, stated, “President Barack Obama is heartened by the level of engagement taking place in communities around the country.” Lewis continued his statement by announcing that Obama does not believe in discriminating against people because of their faith or religion.

Lewis is lying, of course, as Obama has done a simply marvelous job with his smack down of Christians. Obama wants his minions to be the guardians of our democracy. Translation: Obama wants his minions to create chaos and violence.

Barack Obama has specified that he reserves the right to speak out if President Trump affects core American ideals. But the problem with that specification is that Obama doesn’t have a clue as to the meaning of core American ideals. But to be fair, Obama can list the best golf courses in the eastern United States.

Conservatives have had great hope that the election of Donald Trump to the presidency is going to drastically change the American political landscape. It will in the respect that it has stopped the progressive steam engine, but nothing changes if the Left shuts down the entire country to prevent Trump from pushing anything through.

Never ever underestimate the Democrats. After witnessing the Women’s March and their pink pus*y hats, their filthy signs, and disregard for the sanctity of life, every conservative should understand that we are standing against subhuman forces. These people are not godly, and they are not moral.

Push will come to shove, and shove will result in brute force. Pray for the nation! Pray for President Trump!

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