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A conservative grandmother disclosed to me today that she is suffering great anguish concerning her granddaughter and the left-wing propaganda which has heavily influenced the high schooler. Her granddaughter has joined the LGBT Club in her school, and the young girl is now calling her grandparents homophobes, bigots, etc. The heartsick grandma asked her grandchild if she had joined the club because she is gay, to which the girl replied, “No!”

I refrained from saying, “Not yet, she isn’t. But just wait. There will be another shoe to drop.” The LGBT Club in school is not an organization designed to bring awareness to gay, transgender, and bisexual students. It is a recruitment club. And whether the sponsors, members, or school administrations admit it, these clubs are in the business of restructuring your children’s sexual identity.

I can only imagine the response that I would have received if I had come home from high school and told my parents that I had joined a ‘sex club.’ And like it or not, the LGBT Club is just that; a sex club. My parents would have been at the home of my school’s principal that night. There would have been no phone calls in advance. My dad would have demanded to know what in the hell was going on in the school. In the meantime, my mother would have been on the phone notifying every parent she knew as to what was occurring in our children’s school.

But today, schools are getting by with facilitating sex clubs. Not only are parents not objecting to the indoctrination of their babies, but many are buying into it. We are living in a day and age where mothers go into a school in their pajamas and fathers want to discuss their daughters’ heavy menstrual flow with the teachers.

Nonetheless, the fact that we have such a profuse population of ignorant and irresponsible parents is still not an excuse for allowing such nonsense occur in the schools. It only takes a few thoughtful adults to lead the charge in challenging these progressive educational programs.

The LGBT community might scream ‘homophobia’ for taking on the LGBT school programs, but they need only to be reminded that “Heterosexual clubs” are not welcome in the schools either.

The war against progressivism and globalism is so extensive and complicated that it is overwhelming to the average conservative. There are so many fronts in this war that it is understandable that most people hesitate in their actions. But they hesitate because they feel inadequate, not because they don’t care.

As a teacher I have seen inside the minds of middle school children who are struggling with their sexual identity, not because it is the normal thing to do, but because they have been trained to question their sexuality. The entertainment industry, the music industry, social media, and progressive public education systems have not equipped the children to be good thinkers. They have encouraged the children to be good sex partners.

I was not surprised by the grandmother’s story about her granddaughter. The pain that she felt regarding her granddaughter’s choice to join the LGBT club and the hurtful and accusing words that came from her granddaughter’s mouth, was written all over her face. It was agonizing for this nice, decent, caring woman.

I have been appealing to parents and grandparents to get into the fight to stop the indoctrination occurring in the schools. The Left is stealing their minds and souls as they take their captive audience of students and brainwash them with ultra-radical propaganda.

Back in the day, some children became involved in cults or cultish-style religions. It was a nightmare for the families of these children, because brainwashing is indeed a very difficult process to reverse. Thank God, the schools were not a part of the mind-altering conditioning. So, the numbers of children effected by the cults were minimal.

But today, the brainwashing is on a much larger scale, because it involves the school systems and many teachers who apply unhealthy and unprofessional ethics to their teaching. They are stealing the souls of your children. Now is the time to push back!

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