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We knew that the battle was going to be long and hard. In fact, this battle is going to be a daily part of the rest of the Baby Boomers’ lives. The election was a cake walk as compared to what we have facing us.

When we squared off with the Democrats and Hillary Clinton in November 2016, the crazy Democrats were half asleep. They were not fully awake for this election, thank God, because they took for granted that like everything else they have done, the media would see to it that Clinton won. So, as corrupt as the media and Democrat Party are, they underestimated the strength and passion of the Trump movement.

The progressive Left, thoughtlessly, fought the presidential election of 2016 with one of their tight-fisted clawed hooves tied behind their back. They were so cock sure that they were going to win the presidency without as much as a whimper from the ravaged Republicans that they relaxed on their watch.

Wicked individuals and organized evil are generally their own nemesis. Their unravelling is commonly of their own doing. And that was the case of the 2016 election. The Democrats had taken their irrational thinking to a higher level of absurdity. When you continue to climb farther out on a weak limb, it eventually breaks. And the Democrat platform and progressive ideology had surpassed the weight of the branch.

But the fall didn’t kill them. Their resolve to retake the political stage and reshape the culture and American public into that secular haven of globalism is reenergizing. The Left owns the media, Hollywood, and academia. These are the three fundamental components necessary for brainwashing, misinforming, and intimidating the people.

For the past eight years, most conservatives have been afraid to speak out. They have flown under the radar as they have watched the Left humiliate and attack those who did not fall into line with the progressive agenda. As the Obama administration began using the IRS to control its adversaries, conservatives were hushed and intimidated as was intended by the Democrats.

Ironically, the progressives have made whiny weaklings out of our populace by their paranoid and senseless accusations of bullying, while they themselves have converted the act of bullying into an art.

The Left’s control of the media, entertainment industry, and educational system have made it immensely difficult for the conservatives to fight against their agenda. But another factor which has handicapped the Right is the lack of logic used by the liberals. Conservatives have been trying to figure out what in the hell is going on.

When you watch your fellow Americans on the left committing national suicide, it is not just bewildering but show-stopping. Talking an emotionally unstable person from jumping off a building would be easier than talking a liberal off of the ledge of progressivism. It’s like reasoning with a tree stump. So conservatives, who are more often than not practical thinkers, have been unnerved by the intensity and magnitude of the liberal’s derangement.

During the past first week of the Trump administration, the Left has made great effort in trying to convince everyday Americans that they won the election of 2016. They are, in fact, creating an illusion of liberal dominance throughout the nation. The protests, the outrage, the Hollywood indignation, and the media attacks on Trump, are their contrived endeavors to control the conversation.

They are flexing their muscles in attempt to rally the liberal cretins and to worry the conservatives. We must always remember that the number one weapon of the Left is behavior modification and mind control. When liberals say that they are after the hearts and minds of Americans, they literally mean that they are after the ‘minds’ of Americans. And sadly, so many of us are willing to hand ours over to them.

As we watch the turmoil being instigated by the Left in response to the presidential executive orders, we need to double down on our resolve to not fall prey to the deceptive appearances of mass hysteria. Out of three hundred million Americans, only several thousand are demonstrating. The media is deliberately trying to leave the perception that the numbers are much larger.

The people we see are employed by George Soros to agitate. These protesters are radicals. They are not middle America. And the media is nothing more than a perverted magnifying glass which has been contorted to deceive the people that there is more there than there really is.

This battle is just getting started. We have a very long way to go. We cannot afford to get cold feet. Onward!

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