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I had the opportunity to catch Glenn Beck’s Radio Show this morning. Although I am a frequent critic of Beck’s, I still try to catch his show and listen to his perspective. At one time, Glenn did an outstanding service for the conservative movement. He put the steam in the conservative engine by exposing many socialists and communists in the Obama administration, such as Van Jones.

Beck began his monologue this morning by commending President Donald Trump on his Supreme Court Justice nomination Neil Gorsuch. Glenn and his cohosts were more than pleased with Trump’s choice. They applauded him for his principled and exceptional selection. They even admitted that they were wrong in doubting Trump’s promise to choose a strict constitutionalist for the court.

But after defending Trump’s judgment, Glenn gave a rather weird analysis of maintaining a balance of the highest court in the land. First, he spoke to the issue of appointing a conservative to replace Justice Scalia. He agreed that replacing a conservative with a conservative was only fair and kept the court balanced. He was correct.

And then he took that strange turn into the irrational wilderness and rambled about the importance of having an ideological balance of justices on the Supreme Court. He acknowledged that the Founders would believe that the court should be stacked with conservatives. Of course, they would, because conservative originalists would adhere to the strict guidelines of the United States Constitution.

Nine conservative Supreme Court Justices would guarantee that the Bench ruled with forethought and in opposition to any form of tyranny or tyranny-friendly threats to the American people. Strict interpretation of the U.S. Constitution would prevent any form of oppression. Naturally, the Founders would want future Justices to remain true to the original intentions of the document.

This is where Beck strayed from logic. He stated that had Scalia’s death created an empty progressive and judicial activist’s seat on the Court, he could understand the Democrats wanting the seat replaced with a progressive. Glenn empathized with the Left saying that half of the country was progressive, and they wanted their ideology represented on the court.

What the heck, Glenn? Surely, you haven’t lost all of your marbles. This reasoning is absurd in itself. First of all, progressivism is an ideology that is a complete affront to the United States Constitution. Putting progressives on the court to oppose what the Founders designed is not only a blatant disrespect for the Founders, but contemptuous to your own principles.

The United States Constitution was constructed so as thwart progressivism and other oppressive forms of governments and ideologies. Why would we even consider the so-called fairness of having progressive judges promoting activism from the Bench rather than making constitutionally-backed decisions? Glenn’s reasoning is irresponsible.

Glenn stated that half of the country is progressive and want their views represented on the court. What!!! What!! And What!!

Let’s get this straight. The half of the country, who are progressives, developed their values after years of propaganda-driven education, news, and entertainment. The so-called ‘value system’ of the progressives is a ‘valueless’ and ‘unprincipled’ set of amoral and secular standards. These everyday progressives were tricked and manipulated into accepting or embracing an anti-American philosophy.

Why would straight-thinking, logical people consider the opinions and feelings of people who are the victims of mind control, mental illness, or plain stupidity? When did it become humane to consider the rationale of morons when we make policies which effect our future?

We don’t give credibility to people who have proven to have a senseless perspective in terms of governance and culture. Yet, Beck believes that these people on the Left need to feel as though they are being represented. And he understands their desires to have their feelings considered.

Sometimes, compromise cannot be the course of action. The Left has moved the nation so far to the Left that even with compromise, we are still positioned to the far left of center.

The Democrats have not considered any principles, ideology, feelings, or dreams of those on the right. They have scoffed at our concerns and our objections to centralized planning and government overreach. But Glenn Beck believes that it is only fair for progressives to have progressive judicial activists on the Supreme Court.

In essence Glenn wants the proverbial inmates helping to run the asylum. But just to be fair to them, you see. In Glenn’s world, “Idiots have the right to turn the country on its head, so as not to have their feelings hurt.”

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